How to Block Facebook With Hosts file For Windows (Reviews)

Facebook Block Reviews

There are some websites for every one of us, which distract us, right? These distracting sites are where we turn to spend free time. For example, there is Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, etc. These are all sorts of sites which sure serve a purpose i.e. FB connects us with friends, Reddit is good for news, but often we use them at work. If you are one of those lucky fellows who work online, then you know how distracting and time-consuming websites can be. For a lot of people, Facebook is a really distracting site. Many workplaces have this social network banned on their office computers, but what if you don’t have a workplace? What if you are your own boss? What if your computer is entirely in your control, so it’s likely you have access to all sorts of sites.

You may have tried not accessing these sites, but since these distracting sites just a click away, we tend to spend hours every day on them. Most people want to block distracting sites for productivity reasons. Trust me, once distracting sites are blocked, the productivity often skyrockets.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to block Facebook with the host’s file. It is a manual method and is applicable to computers with Windows operating system. Sorry Apple folks, this post is not for you! 😛 Yes, there is software like Freedom, ColdTurkey, and extensions like StayFocusd which serve an exact same purpose: blocking distracting sites, but this manual method is much efficient I believe. Let’s get to it.

How to Block Facebook with Hosts file?

For Windows 10, Follow the step by step guidelines.

  • Down to your taskbar, there is a search bar. When you want something like your documents, applications, paint etc… You need to search for them and that’s where this search bar comes.
  • Look for notepad, Right click on the notepad.
  • Click “Run as Administrator”.
  • After running the notepad as admin. Notepad will open and now you have to open hosts file to edit.
  • Ctrl+O and the exact address for host file is “C://Windows >> System 32 >> Drivers >> etc.”
  • Now there is the whole host’s file. You need to edit this file for block distracting sites.
  • In the host’s file, there is an IP address for your local computer which is “”.
  • Simply write this IP address and press the space-bar and write domain name of the site which you want to block.
  • If you want to block Facebook then write it’s domain name right after the IP address.
  • Save changes you’ve made. And check what happens.

Here are the screenshots!Hosts file screenshot 1

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