How Can You Create Event in Facebook Name Text & Song

What Is Facebook Text or Name Code and how it does Work?

How Can We Create Event Code in Facebook Name Text & Song? Well, all people know. What is the Facebook name the text code? But still, I would like to tell. What is it? The box probably any user does not know about it. You often have seen on facebook. That people are posting something similar to that screenshots.

An event has been given as you saw in upper screenshots.

The event will help you for a long time easily. Will it be working fine? Definitely, Yes, It will be working well.

How to Make Facebook Name, Text or Song Code:

  • First, click on the Facebook page menu and then press event options.
  • Press the create event button after clicking event.
    Now let’s follow steps to watching screenshots
  • After click continues. and invite 2 friends this event.
  • After the invite Friends, copy the event code you see in Upper Browser’s link.

  • Now the code of your name has made. Now copy it. @[Your Number Here:]
  • Get rid of your event code in the code that looks like digits in Pink Color.
  • Then, whenever you post a comment on Facebook Post or comment, you will be able to show text that is 1 step in the Screenshot of step3.

After following this method, this event of yours will be for 1 day (24 hours) then it will be close auto and will not work with you.

Facebook events should attend every time because new events will not get again in the life.

That’sway I don’t want to miss out. New Events will be coming every month on Facebook, Twitter, Others because I have already followed it.

I hope you got it my point in this post Create any type of Facebook Events, Doesn’t matter you don’t know before.

Thanks for visiting.

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