How to speed up your Chromebook?

When you first cracked the box for your Chromebook, it was new and fast. But over time, that is likely to change. If you want to share your Chromebook more, here are some things you can do. How to speed up your Chromebook? Control your “app-attire” This may be obvious to some of you already, … Read more

Update Google Chrome to the latest version immediately to avoid all three threats

Chrome VS Chrome Beta?

Google Chrome users urgently need to update their browser to the latest version to protect themselves from three different threats of zero. The company is aware of these threats and released a fix in its latest update, 80.0.3987.122. Zero-Day vulnerabilities were labeled as “high” in intensity and could allow potential hackers to lure people to … Read more

How to use Github for enterprise SEO?

From easy-to-update GitHub pages to tools that facilitate collaboration across large organizations, here are some ways that GitHub can support enterprise SEO. How to use Github for enterprise SEO? My engineering friends often show me what they are doing through Gut Hub and I see open source projects being stored and shared on-site for SEO. … Read more

How to add Google Authentic Account to Google Authentic Account for an additional layer of password security

how to open an incognito window in chrome

LastPass is a locally encrypted way to securely store all your passwords and other important data in one place. For all its security features, for some, the Last, List Pass master password system is not significant protection for their highly sensitive information and data. That’s where Google’s free mobile software based on the authoritative, alphabetical … Read more