How to speed up your Chromebook?

When you first cracked the box for your Chromebook, it was new and fast. But over time, that is likely to change. If you want to share your Chromebook more, here are some things you can do.

How to speed up your Chromebook?

Control your “app-attire”

This may be obvious to some of you already, but the more apps you download to your Chromebook, the faster it will be. I’ve experienced this first hand, especially when you’re wandering around installing, trying, and re-installing random apps for fun.

Modern Chromebooks nowadays can download apps from the Chrome Web Store (“Advanced” or extensions for the Chrome browser) or directly from the Google Play Store.

Android apps on your Chromebook take up resources

Yes, in case you didn’t know, Chromebooks can now download Android apps and run them directly on the machine. Although it’s still relatively new and not yet fully functional, not all apps will run smoothly. But you can still play things like Subway Surfers and Minecraft: Pocket Edition directly on your Chromebook from the Play Store.

The more apps you download, the slower the Chromebook. Make it a habit to install apps that you no longer use or just litter and remove them from your launcher (the menu that pops up when you hit the Finder key or the icon in the bottom left corner ().

If you already have a ton of apps installed, comb through your list and remove all the things you never use – even if you think “one day” you need them Will be.


Just install it again! And don’t worry about “forgetting” a good app that you rarely use. Chances are, if you’ve never used it before, you’ll forget about it until you see it in your launcher. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional. So wipe it with your Chromebook and wipe it with your brain.

Don’t add that this is not good for your laptop. Or possibly store your stuff in a reinforcement drive.

Or if you are careless, add it to the list using a note-taking app or something (how ironic?).

Bottom line: remove all apps that you rarely use or never use. This will reduce clutter, find apps faster, save you time (will reduce the time it takes to find a specific app on a long list and load on your laptop – increase seconds) ), And your Chromebook will be guaranteed. This is probably the best device I can give you – don’t load your laptop more than the whole trash you don’t need!

Delete useless files (or back them up!)

Stacking a ton of junk files in your folder won’t help. So get rid of them.

Gathering a bunch of documents, videos, and funny cat pictures over time, it’s so easy that you’ll see them again after you right-click and hit the download selection.

But we all know that after the initial theory (or the case for me) we will rarely come back to them.

Media wine

If you’re guilty of doing this, comb through your downloads folder (and any other custom folders or directories you create) and delete everything you don’t need. When you are looking for something that you need, you will free up space and make yourself easier.

And if you are reluctant to delete anything (read: archive) or you have files that you want to save, back them up to an external drive. pay attention. I have a tutorial on backing up your files that you can refer to. It covers everything from choosing a Chromebook-compatible external hard drive/flash drive, configuring Google Drive, and connecting a backup device to your Chromebook. These are all good things.

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