How to completely uninstall Webroot from a PC?

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Webroot Secure, a line of anti-virus, firewall, and security software anywhere, protects your business from online threats and data theft. If you have a specialized issue with Webroot Secure anyplace, or on the off chance that you need to upgrade or attempt a different security program, you can uninstall the product through the Windows Control … Read more

How to add a widget to Blogger

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This wiki teaches you to add a gadget to your Blogger blog, which is the Google term for a widget. Widgets add shortcuts or additional features to your blog, such as visitor counters or social media buttons / follow buttons. How to add a widget to Blogger? Go to Blogger. Use the link on the … Read more

Xbox One Home: The Last Guide to Customization

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Add personalized contacts to your Xbox One with our ultimate home custom guide. Microsoft continues to expand the customization options available to Xbox One users, offering the most flexible dashboard currently. With custom color, layout, and shortcut options, it’s easy to make your console feel more homely than ever. And with more options along the … Read more

Here’s how to get solid browser security?

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Don’t mind if I am going wrong but I tried my best to help you out. Here’s how to get solid browser security? Step 1: Disable Flash, ActiveX, and JavaScript if possible. Step 2: Install ad blockers like Lui Block Origin or Ad Block Plus to avoid all ads and avoid the remaining white list. … Read more