How to Add PayPal Payments to the Play Store

PayPal Payments to the Play Store

Last updated: July, 02, 2022

Application stores are the largest markets in the mobile device world where we can find new features and new features. Each system has its own, adapted to what it can offer. How to Add PayPal Payments to the Play Store

It is usually necessary to associate a form of payment, typically a credit card. In the case of Google, the Play Store gives some more alternatives. Today we will learn how to add PayPal payments to the Play Store.

Most apps on the Google Play Store are free and can be used by anyone. Of course, some are paid, giving the user some extra value and additional features.

Payment for these apps requires the association of a form of payment, typically a credit card. Of course, there are others, and for the Google app store, we can count on PayPal. Let’s see how to add this form of payment.

Adding PayPal Payment to Play Store

Add PayPal Payments to the Play Store
Add PayPal Payments to the Play Store

The first step is to open the Play Store and on any of its pages, open the menu available next to the search field.

From the long list of options associated with this menu, the option they are looking for is Account. Choose this setting and access the new configuration area.

In these new configuration options, you should choose the first one, named Payment Methods. This will also give you access to a new configuration area.

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Here you will be able to see the current forms of payments and also add new ones, either a credit card or PayPal. This should be the option you choose and Add PayPal Payments to the Play Store.

What they need to do next is to enter the associated email and also the password. The process will end and this new form of payment will be available.

How to use PayPal payment on Play Store

PayPal Payments to the Play Store
PayPal Payments to the Play Store

From now on you will be able to choose PayPal as a payment method. They then go to the app they want to buy and load on the active payment. The options window will open where you should choose Payment Methods.

They should now choose PayPal as their new payment method. The last step is really the end of the purchase, now that it will be paid with PayPal as intended.

This is a simple way to add a new payment method for apps, books, movies, or music. Consider this new form of payment and if you are a PayPal user please enable it.

But there are applications that are worth every penny. The Nova Prime launcher, the Riptide game or even the fantastic Football Manager.

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Not much to get you by, the best apps are usually paid for. After all, we have to somehow pay the developer time invested.

Contrary to what many advise, I totally advise against downloading pirated applications. These are the APK’s that have malware that eventually gets you information or even worse.

That is, it is better to spend some change on an application than to live in the pirate world. Your purchase will also help the developer to continue creating.

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