WhatsApp: Making Audio and Video Calls with Google Assistant

The WhatsApp allows you to make audio and video calls through Google Assistant. The function, which is currently only available in English, enables Android users to call their contacts saved on WhatsApp using the voice command.

To use the new feature, your device’s primary language must be set to English. Below, check out the walkthrough to set up Google Assistant on your phone so you can use it to make WhatsApp calls

How to Set up Google Assistant

How to Set up Google Assistant
How to Set up Google Assistant

Step 1. Go to your device settings, click “System” and then “Languages and input“. There you should select “English (United States)” as the primary language of your mobile phone. Remember that this will leave the entire interface of the device in English.

Step 2. Go back to the homepage and say “Hey Google”. The voice assistant will immediately open on your device so you can set it up. Just click “More” and then “I agree” and you’ll be redirected to a step where you should teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice.

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Step 3. When you get to this screen you should say twice “Ok Google” and twice “Hey Google”. When you’re done, Google Assistant will be set up and you can use it through voice command.

How to Make Calls on WhatsApp

How to Make Calls on WhatsApp
How to Make Calls on WhatsApp

Step 1. To make a video call on WhatsApp with Google Assistant, just say the command “Hey Google, call [contact] using WhatsApp video”. You must use the contact’s name as it is saved on your mobile phone to make the call. If there is no more than one contact with the same name, there is no need to speak the last name. In case of duplication, the app will ask which of the numbers you want to call. If you try to call a non-existent contact, Google Assistant will not complete the call.

Step 2. To make an audio call on WhatsApp using the Google Assistant, you must use the command “Hey Google, call [contact] using WhatsApp”. The same binding rules given above apply here. That is, you must correctly speak the name of the desired contact and specify in case of duplicity.

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According to Google, the new option is available to everyone. In English, you can start a video call with commands like “Hey Google, WhatsApp video John“.
The new feature was announced on the company’s blog along with other devices that also use Google Assistant. The text indicates that the option to make audio and video calls in WhatsApp has already been released, but offers no further details.

Google does not explain, for example, whether all Google Assisted devices will have a new feature. Because WhatsApp is not available on Google Home, for example, the option to start voice command calls should be limited to mobile phones.

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