What are the advantages of Learning HTML

What is HTML? What HTML stands for? Why do we learn HTML instead of PHP, JavaScript, Jquery? HTML or (HyperText Markup Language) is a Markup language used to create web pages, along with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. It is a cornerstone technology used to create web pages. What are the advantages of Learning HTML? In content management system (CMS) we used to say “Coding” instead of HTML or CSS etc…

What are the advantages of Learning HTML

Do you ever wonder what Google or Facebook is made of? yes, exactly they are not just some token websites. There is a whole family of Coding living behind each famous site.

HTML is the kinda basic language you need to learn while starting a website on your own, cause HTML is a Standard Markup language that will help the computer to understand your command. There are many programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, C++ and many more. You need to learn programming languages if you wanna start your own website. It is better to start with HTML first. HTML is kinda basic you better need to learn this. In this post, I’m gonna tell you about the advantages of learning HTML. Let’s get started!

1- HTML is easy to use and understand:

Is it hard? that tiny question races in every mind. Well, the answer is simple nope HTML is not so hard unless you work hard, cause working hard is the key to success. Now let’s imagine something, You owns a website but you don’t even know about programming languages, and your site is seriously gonna need some updates or web designs. What are the advantages of Learning HTML? What you gonna do? Simple you will hire a professional web-developer, of course, that will be the most expensive idea. So, instead of doing so much struggle why don’t you just start to learn this precious programming language.

2- HTML is supportive:

Browsers support HTML. Certainly more browsers support HTML than any other web programming/Markup language. If you want your website to display all around the World then build a site with HTML cause mostly browsers support HTML. What are the advantages of Learning HTML? The programmer takes care to optimize the website for the most commonly used browsers. Optimizing an HTML based website for the browser compatibility is neither difficult nor complex. That is the greatest advantage of learning HTML.

3- HTML and XML:

Extensible Markup Language abbreviated as XML. XML is increasingly have used for data storage. There is no difference between HTML and XML’s syntax, they both are pretty much similar. What are the advantages of Learning HTML XML means that it is easier and seamless working between the two platforms?

3- HTML is free:

Who doesn’t love free stuff? HTML is free. This is the most major advantage of HTML. What are the advantages of Learning HTML? You don’t need any type of software of HTML, no plugins are needed and you can save your websites’ development cost.

4- HTML is search engine friendly:

With HTML creating SEO compliant websites is significantly easier than any other programming language. Of all the web programming languages, HTML is the most search engine friendly. What are the advantages of Learning HTML An HTML website is easiest to read and access for search engine crawlers? HTML reduces crawling and improves page load time also, helping your website perform better in search results.

5- HTML nothing else:

As you can see HTML helps us a lot. But with HTML you can only create the structure of your web page, to design it you need to learn another language called “CSS” which is stands for “Cascading Style Sheets” means to give style and design to your web-page. So Now so that you know more about HTML. What are you waiting for just go and try some of these the advantages of Learning HTML languages websites? I’m gonna listing below some programming language website.

  1. Codeacdemy.
  2. w3schools.
  3. Code Avengers.
  4. Code School.
  5. Treehouse.
  6. Learn Street.
  7. Khan Academy.

If I’m missing something. Feel free to tell me in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading enjoy 🙂

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