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Hey Guys,
Everyone knows about Twitter that Twitter is an online social networking service which telly so many things together, like news, posts and so on, but here I’m going to tell you some great features of Twitter which you never known before.

If you are a beginner in social life and wanna know about social networking system then you really should read rest. In this social life, no one is prison or king everyone is free to say anything about any issue. Today most of the Political leaders are tweeting about their opinion and they think that it is the best way to say other countries about what they are thinking…

People are posting news and other stuff which known as a tweet, and Twitter supports more than 280 characters in each post but this rule is not allowed in Japanese, China, and Korean.
Let’s read some features of Twitter:

10 Features of Twitter

  1. Twitter is a public social network service and all tweets are visible publicly, but sender just connected with their followers.
  2. Twitter allows SMS but this is not available in all over countries.
  3. People can subscribe your page and they will become your follower. and you can also subscribe some other pages and you will start following.
  4. Twitter also their users some basic rights like updating profile picture or cover page and other stuff.
  5. You can verify your account with the blue tick, and the verification is not much expensive you just need to pay US$24.27 only to get verification.
  6. Twitter has their own online app also so you can download it on your mobile phones no matter who you are…
  7. iPhone user or Android user you can download it can tweet.
  8. Droid phone Available it.
  9. The manager will recognize.
  10. Best Features you got.


If you want to become a part of this social life just click on a link below to get Twitter on your device and start Tweeting…


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