DG’s Extensions Pack: Best of Chrome Extensions

DG’s Extensions Pack: Best of Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions have plenty of tips & tricks to offer, as our 100+ Google Chrome Tips & Tricks series reveals. What more there’s a website dedicated to offering lots of extensions, apps, and themes for you. There are hundreds of extensions available for you to use. If you’re a Firefox user, know extensions are named Chrome gave to its add-ons.

Extensions are small programs installed in Chrome, which add third-party functionality to the browser. It is via extensions that you can make the best use of Chrome. They extend functionality and let you do many other crazy things with the browser then what comes by default. DG’s Extensions Pack is the collection of effective extensions, useful to you. You see, there are so many extensions scattered around Chrome Webstore that it’s almost overwhelming and difficult to find the ones that are more useful than others. That’s what this series aims to help with; it aims to introduce you to many extensions & apps for productivity, office, fun, utility, developers’ as well as for average users.

10 Best DG’s Extensions Pack: Best of Chrome Extensions

Today.. the series present with a list of extensions for basic uses:


  1. Gmail Mail Checker
  2. Who doesn’t use Gmail, right? Almost everyone has a Google Account & it’s used primarily for email services. If that stands true in your case too, well, then, introducing Gmail Mail Checker. This a Chrome extension that makes handling Gmail much easy and less distracting, unlike otherwise. It’s common for internet users to keep a separate Gmail tab open & they keep regularly checking it for new emails.

    Gmail Mail Checker’s function is simple, yet pretty effective – it displays the count of unread emails in its extension icon. Clicking the icon will open the inbox, letting you check who exactly sent the emails.

    Download Gmail Mail Checker

  3. Evernote Clearly
  4. Evernote is a company with more than a handful of products targeted to improve productivity. There’s Evernote, Evernote Web Clipper, Skitch & others. Among them is Evernote Clearly, it’s a Chrome extension that enhances the reading experience. What this extension basically does is that it eliminates distractions, menus and other options out of the page and gives you a minimal reading experience.

    Evernote Clearly

    This proves to be pretty useful in cases when blog post or article you’re reading is heavily surrounded by ads & other distracting stuff. Just install this extension & let it do its work. Of course, it won’t directly turn on “Clearly reading mode” by itself on articles and blog posts. You can even save articles you like to read later. For that, you will need an Evernote account created and sign in to.

    There are themes you can apply; to make the experience suit your style. Also, configure the font size as per your needs/wants.

    Download Evernote Clearly

  5. RSS Feed Reader
  6. RSS Feed Reader is another extension that almost every Chrome user must have. Although it’s not as feature-rich or broad as Feedly or late Google Reader, still it can be pretty effective at keeping up to sites you like. RSS Feed Reader lets you subscribe to any site’s RSS or Atom and it will then display a number of unread articles beside the icon. You can add multiple RSS feeds, the number beside extension icon represent unread items across all subscribed feeds.

    RSS Feed Reader

    Install it here. Once installed, go to any site’s and if it has RSS or Atom feed enabled, you should see a plus-sign [+] beside the icon, meaning you can subscribe to that site’s feed.


    Download RSS Feed Reader

  7. Pin It Button
  8. If you’re a Pinterest user, this one goes for you. For others, Pinterest is a popular social sharing network, focused at sthe haring of photos and videos. Any user may sign up for an account, create collections of closely related photos called “Boards”. Then pin photos to his collections. Each collection holds Pins. Sure, you can pin any photo manually through ua ser interface. But for that you will definitely have to download the image and then upload the image, costing you bandwidth (which may especially cost users from developing countries or limited packages).

    That’s where Pin It Button extension comes handy. It makes pinning items easy as pie. How it works:

    Install it here. From now on, whenever you want to pin or save something to read later, just click extension’s icon. Or, for images, a Pin It button should appear hovering over images. Click it and pin things you love.

    Download Pin It Button

  9. One Click Extension Manager
  10. One-Click Extension Manager does just what its name conveys. It lets you manage extensions right by clicking once, though not really. It’s way better than the official way of managing extensions. There are often extensions that you want to disable or remove, right? One-Click Extension Manager makes it further easy. Instead of going to Extensions page, just click its extension icon and there’s the list of extension installed.

    Highlighted ones are enabled and the rest are not. You can click any extension to enable or disable it. You can also bulk-disable all extensions in one click.

    Download One Click Extension Manager

  11. Awesome Screenshot
  12. Who doesn’t love screenshots? Everyone, at one time or another, has something to convey or something to show from their own desktop screen. But not all people are as tech-savvy. They want simple and easily understandable ways to achieve the same things, right? Instead of going with otherwise a little technical ways: like press Print Screen keys, passing the captured screen in some image editor and then saving the picture after editing, go with Awesome Screenshot.

    Awesome Screenshot

    It’s a simple & handy little way to capture screenshots of parts of a page, the whole page or visible part of webpage or even desktop (recently added). Just install it. Click extension icon, capture and also make changes then save wherever you like at Drive, hard drive or on Diigo.

    Download Awesome Screenshot

  13. HTTPS Everywhere
  14. Security is of paramount importance, agree? You see, you don’t want to be visiting sites containing tons of malware and viruses, trying to infect your computer, do you? Neither do most people. But of course, there is not much you can other than visiting sites with credibility or sites with HTTPS. What’s HTTPS? It’s a SSL security certificate, installed over a domain name and it adds another layer of security over a websites. Plain and simple, sites with HTTPS installed are much secure than normal HTTP sites.

    Then… there are sites with both. Though you can enforce HTTPS by HTTPS Everywhere extension. It works right after being installed.

    Download HTTPS Everywhere

  15. Ghostery
  16. Google tracks you, Facebook does that too. And so do most of the sites you visit. It’s nothing uncommon. Major social networking sites & search engines track certain things about you like your browsing history, extensions installed, IP address, location and what not. Just like a good citizen, you can’t be OK with that, can you?


    You will find ways to fight back, of course, right? So what’s at your disposal? Well, when it comes to Chrome extensions, Ghostery extension does a pretty good job at informing you of stuff being tracked, not just that it also provides you with ways to disable any of that stuff from happening. Foolproof solution against privacy thefts is deep web, which may well be scary and you may need guidance.

    Download Ghostery

  17. The Great Suspender
  18. This one is my personal favorite. It is an incredible memory (aka RAM), saver! If you’re like most users, you must have complained about Chrome’s memory hogging issues more than once. While the Chrome team is working on making improvements to the way it processes its processes, meanwhile you can install The Great Suspender and save yourself approx. 95% of RAM.

    How does it work?

    What this extension does is – it “unloads” or “inactivates” pages which have been inactive or not interacted with for a while. You can configure how much time before it does its job though. An unloaded page doesn’t equate to closed tab, because the inactive page may be reloaded and made active again. Read more about it here.

    Download The Great Suspender

  19. Pushbullet
  20. Pushbullet combines your Android and/or iOS with your PC. Once installed, you are able to receive notifications on a desktop. Here’s what you can do:

    • Send and receive messages via Desktop (applications available for PCs, Macs, Ubuntu and even Blackberry)
    • Receive all push notifications from mobile to desktop
    • Send links or files from one device to another
    • Receive feed updates from channels you’re subscribed toPushbullet

    Download Pushbullet

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