DG’s Extensions Pack: Best of Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions have plenty of tips & tricks to offer, as our 100+ Google Chrome Tips & Tricks series reveals. What more there’s a website dedicated to offering lots of extensions, apps, and themes for you. There are hundreds of extensions available for you to use. If you’re a Firefox user, know extensions are named Chrome gave to its add-ons.

Extensions are small programs installed in Chrome, which add third-party functionality to the browser. It is via extensions that you can make the best use of Chrome. They extend functionality and let you do many other crazy things with the browser then what comes by default. DG’s Extensions Pack is the collection of effective extensions, useful to you. You see, there are so many extensions scattered around Chrome Webstore that it’s almost overwhelming and difficult to find the ones that are more useful than others. That’s what this series aims to help with; it aims to introduce you to many extensions & apps for productivity, office, fun, utility, developers’ as well as for average users.

10 Best DG’s Extensions Pack: Best of Chrome Extensions

Today.. the series present with a list of extensions for basic uses:


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