Upgrade Google Chrome (64 bit), More Faster, Secure and Stable

As we know Chrome is a freeware web browser, developed by Google. Chrome browser is available in more than 40 languages. Using chrome in windows? There are still some chances you are using 32-bit version. Did you know? upgrading chrome is more faster, secure and stable. Let me tell you my story about the Chrome upgrading experience. I was using 32-bit version. Then I realize that my browser was becoming loader day by day. After that I checked the version of chrome which was 32-bit. I try to make my browser faster, secure and stable. Now I came up with this post how to upgrade google chrome 64-bit. If you’re using 32-bit version of Windows that can’t run 64 bit programs. But nowadays most computers built in the last eight years, should be 64-bit compatible.

Check which version of Chrome you’re using:

For this you need to click on the menu button at the top-right corner of Google chrome browser window. Now go to Help >> About Google Chrome. There you go! Look at the version number on the page that appears, on the right side of the version number there you will see “64-bit”. If there’s nothing so its easy to understand that you are still using 32-bit version of Chrome. As you know that this article is about upgrading Google Chrome to 64-bit, so simple keep reading and follow the instructions, if you want your browser more faster secure and stable.Upgrading Google Chrome to 64-bit

Google Chrome

How to switching Google Chrome to the 64-bit version:

It’s so simple and easy. trust me, once you’re done with upgrading you’ll love you Google Chrome browser. Alright let’s start! First click here to get your latest version of Google Chrome. Click on “Download Google Chrome for Windows”. Remember whenever you download Google Chrome in the future make sure it says 64-bit. If it doesn’t say 64-bit then you’re getting 32-bit version, click on the “Download Chrome for another platform” and select 64-bit to get it.

Note: Close the running version of Chrome, then run the installer you downloaded.

Then the 64-bit version of chrome will automatically install, replacing the 32-bit version. Don’t get worried about your settings, your data and extensions they will be stay intact. Chrome will upgrade only its programs files, chrome won’t let your personal data to be lose. Time to visit the “About google Chrome” page again after the installer finished. Congrats! You’re done. Now it should say you ‘re using 64-bit version of Chrome.Upgrading Google chrome to 64-bit 2

Sometimes an error is occurred, its not because the chrome doesn’t installed, it’s because you have a 32-bit version of Windows installed and unable to use 64-bit version of Google Chrome.

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