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Music Player 3D Pro is not just a professional music player, but also an intuitive equality to improve the quality of your music. Only what is your sound effect, slide your finger only! Everything in this pairing player has been given to you. If you can change your voice with your fingers, not only the sound you want, which is in your mind. If you will understand this talk. This is the highest top for the musical motivation.

You can make any changes to this player by applying any sound in this player. And it can contain any song. But, you have to think, this player will crush your song if you have a song in it if your song is over (MBs),(GBs) and Memory. You have to do everything according to its permission. If it does not allow you to upload two or three songs at once.

Description Of Music Player 3D Pro

The song you like is good, you just upload it and bring beauty to that song, and you do not have any bangles in any song. This is an offline mp3 player, it only supports play the tracks that are available on your device. You will have to arrange the songs, where to arrange the songs arranged. And yes, it also has the option to download songs, songs that you want, every type of song in this player. You can also easily download Any Songs in this App. You can disconnect the song after downloading it. After Installing this App So, you have come to some Options What will you do That time? I can make sure that this player will help you so much that you can not even imagine because it will not be in your mind about the player.

Reviews By Video Of Music Player 3D Pro

Should be called: 3D Ad. Player!

Continually being bombarded with irrelevant ads, sometimes one after another, and FULL PAGE, too!!! And if the ad. asks “Install”?, and you answer NO, it still takes you IMMEDIATELY to the PlayStore. Far too invasive and annoying to be of any use at all. Uninstalled, and went back to my preferred Player, where the ads. are pretty minimal and much less infrequent!

Music Player 3D Pro Screenshots

Purchased Problem

I have purchased the paid version of this app still not able to the data and showing that there are no songs but this phone has over 600 songs .why it is so, instead directing me to introduce to my friends.This is the situation of this application how I have to introduce to my friends.

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