Facebook launches feature to help women in India easily lock their accounts

Facebook has developed a new security feature in India that will enable users to easily lock their accounts so that people they don’t have friends on the platform can view their posts and their profile picture and cover. Can’t zoom in and download the image.

The company says the feature aims to give women more control over their Facebook experience. Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook India, said in an announcement, “We in India are very much aware of the worries that individuals, particularly ladies, have about the safety of their online profiles.

The company says that before the profile is locked, several existing privacy settings and some new steps are applied to some taps in the user’s Facebook profile.

Once a user locks their account, people they are no longer friends with will no longer be able to view both historical and new photos and posts and will be able to zoom, share, and download profile photos and cover photos.

Will “We’ve as often as possible heard high school women wave to share their information on the web and alarm someone with the idea of ​​misusing their data.

I’m glad to see that Facebook Trying to find out about their concerns and construction products Which could give them the desired experience.

This new security feature will allow women, especially young girls, to express themselves freely, ”said Ranjana Kumari, director of the Center for Social Research, a women’s advocacy group based in New Delhi.

The user can lock the account under their name by tapping on Moore, then by tapping the profile lock button and the confirmation button which is indicated later.


Prior to Thursday’s announcement, the feature was available to Bangladeshi users, a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The new feature is an extension of an effort made by Facebook in India in 2017 to deal with it. This feature, called Profile Picture Guard, allows users to share their profile pictures with their friends and prevent them from being added to their friend’s list.

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why did Facebook lock me out of my account?

Reasons why your Facebook page has been locked or disabled. Fake account: If you don’t utilize your real name, Facebook will in the long run discover. Misrepresentation: If you have created a page that mimics a person or entity, it will be closed or closed without warning.

How do I ignore a Facebook security check phone number?

Enter the disposable phone number you found on the “Text Plus” app. When you enter the number, Facebook will presently send an OTP for the check. Verify your OTP and Bingo! What you did by ignoring Facebook phone authentication.

What does it mean when Facebook temporarily blocks you?

Our security systems have found that too many people are publishing the same content, which could mean that it is junk. Please try a different post. You have recently posted something that violates Facebook’s policies, so you have been temporarily barred from using this feature.

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