5 Extremely Addictive Games for Android

Does Addiction Make Sports Addictive? In general, they are games that do not take much time to play. However, they do provide some kind of challenge that you want to overcome.

5 Extremely Addictive Games for Android

Between mastering the game and trying to get a high score, one can sink into the game for hours without realizing it.

Such a list is a bit more subjective than most, but there are some great games that encourage you to play for hours and hours. Here are the most addictive games for Android

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventures

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are two great arcade games. They are both great addictive games. You ski on a massive hill and do a bunch of tricks. It’s basically a whole game, but it has obstacles, changes in the environment, and different things to collect.

These games have beautiful colors and simple mechanics. They are also free to play and most people do not have to pay anything. Developers make more money than they buy advertising. They are excellent, easy to play, and addictive.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest in a long line of arcade racing games. It has some basic add-ons that are similar to its predecessors.

The game is massive. You have a ton of cars to unlock, sports events, and more a bunch of levels and a strong online multiplayer.

These games are most notable for their excellent graphics, simple mechanics, and addictive physics. Asphalt 8: Airborne is still actively updated via Game Lift.

You can go with one. Those who want a premium racer with any outstanding can try the Riptide GP: Renegade.

Cross Road

Crossroad Chair Road is the frugal version of this generation. You take a hen, hop across roads and rivers, and don’t try to hit cars or fall into the water. It’s easy, family-friendly, and just flat fun.

The controls are also easy. You can even play it on Android TV. There are a number of non-lock characters or you can pay for these in-app purchases to unlock.

There is also a Disney Crossroads with a group of Disney characters. It also has an online and local multiplayer mode for having fun with friends. You can play for hours without realizing it and it is easily a great addictive game for families.


CTYUS II is now easily included in the best rhythm games on mobile. Indeed, there are in reality not too bad cadence rhythm games on mobile. Sites II (and its predecessors) are excellent examples.

It has a variety of tap and swipes mechanics with anime and J-Pop themes. It’s exciting, fast, and can play a lot of songs.

The free version has a reasonable number of tracks in various difficulties. You can purchase the song pack as an in-app purchase. They are permanent additions. If you have a Google Play Pass subscription, you can play it for free.


The game we’ve played is one of the most addictive. This is a puzzle game where you play like two painted balls. Your task is to rotate the balls around the falling platform to reach the end of the level.

Failure means that your paint bursts on the platform and stays there so you can see where you go wrong when you hit that level again.

You can get free campaign mode. The rest of the game will cost you 2.99. It’s easy and should work on older or lower-end devices as well. It’s worth checking out!

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