Top 5+ Best App Lock for Android

AppLock is a lightweight application which provides you with a feature than can lock practically any sort of document on your Android.

The most fundamental feature locks your applications so no one access or uninstalls them, yet you can lock photos, recordings, and even contacts and individual messages.

Top 5+ Best App Lock for Android

app lock

The application works primarily. To start with, you need to make a numeric password to unlock the application you need to ensure

App Lock for Android

From that minute on, each time that application is opened, it will expect you to insert the password you have characterized. Regardless of whether another user attempts to uninstall it, this password window won’t permit it.

If the advanced settings were set to where no one could kill AppLock without the password to uninstall it, you would need to factory reset your phone if you forgot the secret password.

This app is wonderful, the good thing is that you can even hide its icon, so no one realizes that you have it introduced on your device.

Sleep as Android Unlock
Unlock Mod APK

However, someone will make sense of it if it requests to insert the relating password. The application incorporates other interesting highlights like:

  • Picture Vault, which gives you a chance to keep a few pictures in a virtual safe, and no one but you can open it.
  • Lock/open applications naturally according to the time or area.
  • Set various profiles to lock different applications, random keyword: prevent other individuals from peeping the password.
  • You can put a cover like a fingerprint scanner or power shut message on locked applications to confuse the intruder.
  • Switch on the status bar, brief exit, etc with quick-lock

What we like

  • You can lock applications and keep individual data secure from undesirable trespassers.
  • Not each password must be the same, so if they breach one password, the rest are as yet sheltered.
  • The application is free to download and simple to utilize

What we ‘don’t like

  • You could easily forget the password to one of your applications.
  • At that point, you would have to uninstall the application and reset every one of the passwords to each app once more.
  • You could “lock up” an application if you forgot your password and attempted too often to get to that application yet failed.

AppLock is a fascinating application. With it, you can add an extra security net to your device and never stress again over giving it over to a companion.

Fingerprint Pattern Lock for Android

Norton Applock

Over the most recent couple of years, we have seen the dispatch of various Android phones with a fingerprint scanner. This gives additional security to the device and should be used by the user.

To take advantage of this astounding element, you can discover loads of fingerprint application choices listed on Google Play Store.

Since there are such vast numbers of options for a fingerprint application, it might be challenging to pick the best fingerprint lock application for your android phone.

Here are a couple of useful fingerprint pattern lock apps:

CM Fingerprint Applocker

app lock for android

Created by Cheetah Mobile, the fingerprint application will be a perfect answer to safeguard your security. Other than locking your mobile, it can likewise lock device settings, calls, installation of applications, play store, and more.

KeepSafe Applock Fingerprint Password

This fingerprint lock application is created by KeepSafe and is one of the most trusted application app lockers out there. With it, you can lock your social media applications, mails, browsers, and more.

AppLock: Fingerprint and PIN

From social media applications to your gallery, this finger lock application can secure nearly everything on your device. It accompanies massive amounts of features like app time out, fake crash screen, incorporation of PIN, and more


As the name recommends, this fingerprint screen lock application can enable you to achieve total security on your device with your finger impression.

Other than all the well-known applications, you can even lock widgets and settings with it. It can likewise catch the image of the intruder, filling you in as to whether your device has been tampered with.

App Lock – Real Fingerprint Protection

DoMobile Lab app lock

If you are searching for a lightweight and secure fingerprint lock application, at that point, you can try this app by Kohinoor Apps. It can lock any application of your choice and secure your settings also. Along these lines, you can repel intruders away and level up the security on your device.

Now that you know pretty much all about the popular choices for fingerprint screen lock application, you can necessarily go with a perfect decision. Feel free to download your preferred fingerprint lock application and give an additional layer of security to your device.

What I like

  • Fast and quite secure
  • The unique mark sensor sidesteps your lock screen so that you can get to your applications speedier.

What I don’t like

  • Sensors aren’t situated continuously in the correct spot.
  • Not all finger impression sensors are equivalent. Some are more responsive than others.

Lock Screen Pattern

Screen Pinning app lock

One of the basics is to setup lock-screen pattern on your Android gadget, so you can be certain you’re the one in particular who can access your telephone (you know, if you have some sensitive information or other bits of data that you don’t want others to state).

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So how’s it done? It’s very straightforward, really, so allows simply hop directly into it.

The vast majority of people will have one of three unique approaches to protect their telephones from undesirable eyes.

There’s some discussion concerning which ones are pretty much secure, however, that is an altogether extraordinary story for a completely unique way. For the present, it’s essential to simply know your alternatives.

Setting up a lock-screen pattern

  • Move to the Settings menu on your gadget.
  • Look down until you discover “Security” or “Security and Screen Lock” and tap it. This is ordinarily situated under the “Individual” segment on Android 4.2 or higher.
  • Under the “Screen Security” segment, tap the “Screen Lock” alternative. Naturally, this alternative is set to “Slide,” which means no password or pattern is required.
  • From here, select which lock type you need to utilize, regardless of whether it’s Pattern, PIN, or Password.
  • Pattern: swipe to draw an open pattern you need to utilize. If you failed, hit retry. Something else hit proceed.
  • It will at that point request that you draw that pattern again to affirm. 
  • Pin: Insert a 4-digit PIN that you’re alright with. It’s a smart thought not to utilize repeating numbers (don’t utilize more than two). Hit proceed. Re-enter the PIN to confirm
  • Password: type the password you’re OK with. The password must be 4 characters, must be no more than 17 characters, and should contain at any rate 1 letter.
  • Use an alphanumerical password with images that are at least 8 characters in length for extreme security, yet anything will do. Hit proceed. Re-enter the password to confirm.

What we like

  • Draw a one of a kind example on a 3-by-3 grid of dots.
  • A 4-to-17-digit numerical code, as though you were going to remove money from the ATM

What we don’t like

  • The burden is that if your presentation effectively picks up fingerprints it may uncover simple patterns
  • When a hacker gets their hands on your cell phone, they can endeavor to bypass your lock screen by opening the camera application

Pattern lock screen

Pattern lock screen

Pattern lock screen and wallpaper is an incredible application for every cell phone, smartphones. It can protect your telephone with passwords, pattern lock.

For best personal protection, you can download the Lock screen application to your phone and set how you need to unlock the image.

You can utilize passwords, for example, squares, triangles, letters, and so forth. On the other hand, you can use numbers as passwords for your cell phone. People usually select 3 to 4 patterns, so it’s not difficult to draw and open their telephone at whatever point they have to.

The pattern lock screen is delightfully planned, creative to stay away from the fatigue of ordinary screen opening. It has numerous pleasant pattern lock screen for you to look over. Lock screen application is easy to use, with primary activities that you access to your device.

It is the best Pattern lock screen, guaranteeing personal security on your telephone. Prevent others from accessing your phone without your consent.

It fits all Android devices and exceptional Free Screen Lock application.

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  • Option to unlock telephone screen with pattern lock, number.
  • High security, secure personal privacy, prevent access to your telephone without the password
  • Beautiful pattern lock screen and wallpaper
  • Many fantastic pattern lock, change the template locks as you like
  • Simple, easy to utilize
  • Set pattern lock
  • Unlock screen rapidly
  • Good security on all Android phones
  • Free screen lock application
  • Consumes less memory and telephone battery

The pattern lock screen is viewed as the best lock application for Android telephones, for example, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia, and Oppo.

The Pattern lock screen is a free application for everybody. Share with your companions and relatives so they can utilize the best telephone lock application and experience the incredible highlights of this application.

What we like

  • The best part of a pattern lock is that there is a wide range of alternatives, and it very well may be hard for hackers to figure your pattern
  • If you have six distinct points in your pattern that implies that there are more than 60,000 options for what your pattern could be

What we don’t like

  • The drawback of utilizing a pattern lock is that numerous individuals don’t have long or confusing patterns.
  • Many individuals select to have a short 3 to 4 point unlock pattern.

Pattern password screen locker for Android

Pattern password screen locker for Android

You can help protect your android phone by setting up a screen lock. Every time you turn on your device or turn on the screen, you’ll be approached to unlock your phone, typically with a PIN, pattern, or password.

On individual phones, you can open with your fingerprint or consequently unlock in trusted conditions. You need to type your password whenever you unlock your phone.

Note: Some of these steps work just on Android 9 and up. Figure out how to check your Android version.

Set or change a screen lock

  • To guarantee your programmed and manual backups are encrypted with your screen lock, utilize a PIN, pattern, or password.
  • Figure out how to back up or restore information on your telephone.
  • Open your telephone’s Settings application.
  • Tap Security and area. (If you don’t see “Security and area,” tap Security.)
  • To pick a sort of screen lock, tap Screen lock.
  • If you’ve effectively set a lock, you’ll have to enter your PIN, pattern, or password before you can pick an alternate lock.
  • Tap the screen lock choice you’d like to utilize. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines.
  • To change your screen lock’s settings, besides “Screen lock,” tap Settings.
  • Settings incorporate programmed lock timing, Power button locking, and a lock screen message.

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Screen lock alternatives

  • No lock: Your telephone remains unlocked. It gives no security. However, you can get to your Home screen rapidly.
  • Swipe: Swipe your finger over your screen. It gives no security. However, you can get to your Home screen rapidly.
  • Standard locks
  • Pattern: Draw a straightforward pattern with your finger.
  • Pin: Enter at least four numbers. Longer PINs will, in general, be increasingly secure.
  • Password: Enter at least four letters or numbers. A robust password is the most secure screen lock alternative.

More locks

Programmed opening: You can set your telephone to consequently unlock in specific conditions, similar to when your phone is at your home. Find out about Smart Lock.

Tip: You can incidentally turn off Smart Lock by turning on lockdown. Figure out how to utilize lockdown.

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