You have opened your online store and are now in constant search of new ways to increase sales. Seems like advertising is working, the ranking of your online retail shop is gradually increasing, but the amount of the average purchase is still far from being perfect. Still wondering what to do in such situation and how to encourage customers to add more and more goods to their baskets? Below we will describe a method for solving this problem.

How to increase the average purchase? 3 effective solutions

So, let’s consider three methods that owners of online stores often use to increase sales.

  • The first method: price increases. Obviously, you can choose the simplest way and just increase prices for your goods. Such a scenario fits well if your store offers something that is not available on alternate retail platforms. In most cases, non-unique is out of the question, so higher prices can prevent from attracting new customers and also scare off old ones.
  • Second method: Thus such a strategy is full of drawbacks. The first is time. You want to increase the average purchase in your store right here and right now, do you not? What are your thoughts on the amount of time needed for installing an overview video or how long it will take for your advertising on radio and TV to gain enough views? Come on, you need to wait at least a few months, if not more.

Which method with minimal financial investment can immediately provide you with an increase in sales? It’s quite simple, really. You need to ensure that in addition to the product for which customers have purposefully come to your store, they also look at some relevant products from the same category or those that have significantly improved specifications. So, in addition to making a single purchase of a TV, you easily motivate your customers to buy a set-top box and powerful speakers. Thus, your customers will be able to add bundles to the basket with just one click. Now you will find out how this can be done with eCommerce tools.

Shopify bundles products: learn more about this app

The Shopify platform offers many highly beneficial tools for online stores. One of these is the Shopify upsell bundles products app, which we’ll talk about below.
Shopify bundles is an incredibly easy-to-use application with a fully customizable design that can be integrated with your online store.
By installing the Shopify upsell bundles products app, you have the ability to include the same products in different bundles. Thus, the Shopify software solution provides you with the utmost flexibility when being used.
You have a great opportunity to install the Shopify bundles products app for free.

Do not hesitate; try this Shopify product right now and soon you will notice that by introducing the option of selling goods by bundles to your customers is paying off. Do not miss this opportunity: install this Shopify app and use it for free for 30 days.

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