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Police Simulator Patrol Officers Crack With Activation Key Lifetime

police simulator patrol officersIn the video game Police Simulator Patrol Officers Cracked, the player takes the position of a police officer in the city of Brighton, USA. The real game, which can be played alone or in online co-op, requires cops to patrol both on foot and by car.

A player’s performance will be judged by how he conducts himself and whether his methods of investigation or detention are appropriate. Patrols range from issuing parking tickets to communicating with residents and collecting data on traffic accidents.

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A perfectly followed protocol will award the player points that will allow them to move forward and face more difficult challenges, while a wrong course of action will result in the loss of ‘action points’. Patrol resumes when 100 or more action points are lost. Each patrol can run in his one of Brighton’s areas that Police Simulator calls a “melting pot”. This shows that there are both whites and non-whites.


Each encounter opens up a wide circle of possibilities for questioning and investigation, but the game’s visual presentation is unpolished (many of the character portrayals are crude and a bit offensive).

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The game attempts to provide clues, but players must sort out the sparse facts before making accurate decisions. When arriving at the scene of a car accident, it becomes imperative to determine whether a person is intoxicated, has a gun, or is an innocent bystander. All of this has to be balanced while the situation is being photographed. An ambulance is called to attend to the injuries, and a tow truck is dispatched to seize the perpetrator’s vehicle.

The easy level in Police Simulator will draw attention to jaywalkers, litterbugs, and persons with broken windscreens. Even so, there are still times when a sharp-eyed player can identify other infractions and earn points, such as driving while intoxicated or parking too far away from the curb. Capturing these moments and watching the tiny number rise in the upper right corner is exciting.

Police Simulator undoubtedly has issues. For example, when I loaded in during drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, the whole town was just black silhouettes. Another time, I completed my shift whilst still holding a traffic sign, and the game stopped responding to button inputs. Despite the janky, there were some interesting mechanics hidden underneath, and its auto save was kind enough not to lose much of my progress, so I kept coming back.

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Words of Brenda Romero on Release

When Brenda Romero developed Train, she made explicit her intentions about the theme of the game. The goal of the game was to act as a mirror for the player, forcing them to consider the effects of their choices. She recorded reactions and guided people through them.

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Depending on how you look at it, Police Simulator is either a startling critique of a totalitarian police government or a staunch glorification of police brutality. With the endless possibilities of each part of the game and the seldom punishing police work with bad rules, you may need to rethink your gaming habits. I’ve read some great reviews about the game from people who call themselves police.


  • The coolest detective gameplay elements ever
  • I hope this game gets a Judge Dredd mod.
  • Co-op is a lot of fun.
  • Forceful unlock system


  • There are many harmful bugs that the auto save mechanism can get around.
  • Ambiguous opinion of police
  • After listening to this, I feel like I need to shower.


Mechanically compelling and morally reprehensible. Police officers are portrayed in Police Simulator extremely truthfully.


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