My City : Orphan House Mod APK for Android

Not the way where you and I can download My City : Orphan House Mod even itself but nowadays, the play store is going to give us lots of options to follow up them.

In this simple page, I am going to disclose about this game for letting you a new update that the developer has launched this game in this week and I hope that really such a great news for our kids whosoever is waiting for it.

Neither waste the time in the process of downloading nor save the time by itself due to many audiences are not liking My City : Orphan House Mod and taking another option to install it.

Create your own story during playing and make sure the game will have been accepting the mobile bug that would clear to you.

My City : Orphan House Mod

My City : Orphan House Mod

Actually, the game is totally clean for the kids and it will have cleaned all bugs after installing and the kids can play it easily.

I know My City : Orphan House Mod is paid game in the section of play store due to the developer used the paid programming.

  • 7 locations to explore: Kids bedrooms, Orphan house manager, playroom Class, kitchen and More…!
  • 9 NEW characters you can dress up and play imagination games with on your orphan house adventure.
  • Make sure to take care of the pet dog. 
  • My City games connect to each other, Easily Move characters and items between games.
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  • Daily gifts and furniture to upgrade your home and wardrobe.
  • Multi-touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen.
  • No Ads, Kids Safe.

As I told you before it is safe for kids and the developed had hard worked for kids and make sure the kids will be happy after playing it.

Perhaps one of the orphans will find a family to live with, Perhaps they will invite friends over to the orphan house.

Game information

My City : Orphan HouseMOD APK file details:
Game NameMy City : Orphan House
Game DeveloperMy City : Orphan House
Categoryeducational, Mod APK
UpdatedJune 20, 2019
File Size32M
MOD APK Version1.0.42
Required Android Version To Run4.1 and up
Google Play Store SourceGoogle Play

The new ideas are creating story toward our mind with keep refreshing too either the game never give up a good result.

Create your own stories and play your own adventures, My City : Orphan house mod apk is where you can decide what happens.

Running the orphan house is not easy, From morning time to bedtime, the orphan house is always full of fun

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