How can I get copyright free videos to upload on YouTube

Are you a content creator? Do you want to create copyright-free content on YouTube? Then you have to the right place because we will tell you today about how to upload copyright-free content on YouTube.

If you have uploaded a video that contains the content of someone else and you have not obtained the copyright claim then you will definitely get stuck with copyright issues which will result in either blocking your video or you will be asked to take down your video. And they even ask you to transfer them the money you have earned with the uploaded video.

So if YouTube is a medium of earning money for you then you might want to avoid publishing copyrighted videos on your YouTube channel because then you will be in loss more.

Now there are two ways to avoid the copy-right issue. Either get a license for using the particular video or you can get videos from sites that offer copyright-free content. Isn’t that great?

Stick around till the end to know the sites which offer copyright-free content that you can use on your YouTube channel to avoid copyright issues.

How can I get copyright free videos to upload on YouTube?


This site offers thousands of free videos as well as free numerous graphics, sound effects, and music.

They let you use the clips for free and you only have to give the owner the credits. They have a public domain license which means that they are yours and you can do anything you wish to do with them.


It was initially a free photo site but as they progressed they added lots of HD and 4K videos as well for you to use which are also free of cost. You can use these videos for absolutely no price and no copyright claims.

And you are not even required to give credits to the owner. And they also keep on uploading new videos every now and then so that you will have access to all the trending stock videos.


It has a wide array of videos for commercial and personal usage. And they are all free to use. All you are required to do is give credits. Their videos are in HD and 4K resolution which means that they have high-quality videos for you to use.

There are certain free clips where you do not have to give credits but there are also a collection of videos under the premium quality where you have to give credits for using it in your videos.


It is also another free stock videos site where you can use their videos for free in your videos. And they add new collections of videos almost every week which means that you get new trendy videos every now and then.


It is mainly used for commercial purposes and it requires no credits. No attribution and no sign-up whatsoever.

All you need to do is go to the website and get any videos you like.


These are the 5 amazing sites for free stock videos for you to produce copyright-free videos for your YouTube.

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