5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Convertible Cars

Looking to buy a convertible or a Cabriolet? Your desire may become greater when seeing your mates driving one. However, you may be concerned about the wear and tear, convertible roofs being stuck, and the leakage during the rain that completely ruins someone’s car driving experience. Well, to assure you these leakage businesses were all in the past now. There are many companies like Volkswagen and General Motors, who have made these issues obsolete. There are also many motor companies who have made buying convertibles affordable.

This might seem news to you, however, there is has been rapid growth in the buying and selling of Cabrios. The reason is simple, it gives a sense of more freedom and liberation than any other vehicles. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to buy one but you want to pan out the pros and cons of buying it? Look no further! Just start scrolling and complete reading this article. You will the gist of it in no time. So, let’s get you started!

The Pros

Winter Won’t be a Problemf

Over the past decade, there have been many innovations in the thermal insulation of cars. These insulations have been effective to maintain your car’s ambient temperature. It also prevents extreme winter conditions. However, there are still plenty of work needs to be done to prevent the rain passage into the car. Cars have become more durable and resistant to more thermal heat.

No Roof and more Headroom

It is obvious that with no roof there is no limit for you to enjoy as much space as possible. There are issues of your head and hands to be restricted in a sedan or any non-convertible cars. They provide limited space and you are caged up inside a vehicle. If you are a big guy like a basketball player, you know what I am talking about. Some vehicles are just too small and have limited space. These vehicles keep you like a prisoner.

Enjoy the Sunshine!

With no roof over your head; you are able to see the sun shining, the wind breezing, birds chirping, watching the sunset. Feeling the weather and seeing all the miracles of mother nature. These experiences are invaluable and no money could ever buy this divine experience. What more could you want? Buying a Cabrio makes all these experiences possible.

No Blind Spots

Just as put down the roof of your convertible, you are now able to see all the blind spots from the view of your car. Sedan or any other non-convertible vehicle, you will not have the same benefit. A convertible car makes you a safe and savvy driver. The whole 360-degree angle is now possible to view when you use a Cabrio.

Within Reach

For many decades, Cabrios have always been expensive and out of reach of a normal citizen. Not anymore! There are companies like Peugeot and Nissan who have made it easier for an average person to able to buy a convertible. However, there are some companies like Audi and Volkswagen who made a little expensive Cabrios. The specifications and features they offer are not that far-fetched than what Nissan and Peugeot are offering.

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The Cons:

Try to get the best ways below:

Limited Seats

Even though Cabrios provide more headroom for the drivers. They do not provide sufficient space for them. Many of these cars offer two seats usually and on rare occasions, four. However, there is still not enough legroom for the driver and the rest of the passengers to sit properly and comfortably. This could be a nightmare for those people who regularly use this vehicle to carry four or more persons. For instance, a family.

Field day for Muggers

With roof or no roof to the cover the Cabrio. They are always the first choice of the muggers and thieves to loot these cars. Whenever you park your Cabrio, it’s always to put the hood up because it would an open season for anyone if you let it down.

Vulnerable to Pollution

Unlike countryside, if you are residing in the metropolis, then you would be exposed and vulnerable to various pollution out there. Imagine at the back of huge trailer pushing black smoke directly on your face. Now, Imagine that the trailer and you are at a traffic jam and there is no way to get out it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. When mentioning pollution, this is not limited to just air pollution. You will vulnerable to various noises such as horns honking at every corner of the street, let alone in a traffic jam. There are curses and swearing that you will hear and endure.

Vulnerable to Dust and Rain

There have been many innovations in eliminating or minimizing to block the passage of rain and dust. However, if you leave the top open then there is nothing could be done. Cabrio will liable to excessive heat; rain which would deteriorate the condition of your leather seats.

Limited Space in the Trunk

This big hood that covers the car, has to be stored somewhere. The Trunk is used for storing the hood of the car. That results in low space for anything else. The already limited space you have with convertible will become fewer when you put your hood down.

All in all, this is what you have to pan out from all the pros and cons when you are about to buy a convertible. These assessments are only made to assist you in making a rational decision of buying a Cabrio or a convertible.

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