3+ Best Music & Audio Apps Ever for Android

Whenever we feel angry, sad, hungry, bore, happy and sleepy we want MUSIC, SOUND, and SONGS. It doesn’t

matter what we are feeling, WE WANT MUSIC. Million of Artist says that the Music is the food of Soul, but what? Are you having sound issues, loading issue or track issue???

Here if you want MUSIC, with clean and in the real voice so guys you are on the path, here I took 3+ Best ever MUSIC and Audio Apps, they will give you real sound, great Music and a great ever library to store your Song lists and guess what? You can upload your own songs as well…

Hope you will take a chance to download them and Add Some Music To Your Life!!!

3+ Best Music & Audio Apps Ever for Android APK

1. SoundCloud – Music and Audio App

The one Top Rated Music and Audio App, SoundCloud brings the largest list of the fresh and new music, SoundCloud is one of the largest Music and Audio streaming platform over 150+, million tracks are growing here, you can find your favorite songs and can personalize it in your way, or you can add them to your favorite list.

Do you want to be a great Music Artist? No problem, create your Band, sing your Song and UPLOAD it on SoundCloud, Yeah SoundCloud is offering all artists from over the world. It is giving a great opportunity to grow your inside art. You can upload your all songs here just creating your real profile.


  • SoundCloud is providing over 150+ million tracks from emerging
  • Find your favorite songs or all new incredible songs on SoundCloud
  • SoundCloud offering offline Audio as well, now listen to your offline collection anywhere you want
  • SoundCloud is ads proof, Enjoy Music with ads
  • SoundCloud always support new art, it is giving a great chance to all artist, Now Create your own Song with your Own Name and show your talent to everyone
  • You can Upgrade to GO+ (a feature of SoundCloud helps to expand your Music library) and get more tracks including all superstars from Major Identities
  • 30 days Free Trail, and after 30 days just $9.99/month only
  • SoundCloud supports more than 30 different foreign languages.
The Download Links Here Are…

You can Download SoundCloud over here by just click on the link:

One Download Link By PlayStore.

2. Musixmatch – Lyrics for your Music

When you are Music lover and enjoying a song, you loved it but wait! Did you understand what the words of that song were??? Now you start finding the Lyrics so, here I’m telling you are on right place now, you don’t need to worry here is another Top Rated App, Musixmatch, Supports million of Songs with Lyrics and you can easily translate your song in your personal language, isn’t cool???


Musixmatch, helps you to learn different languages through songs, and we Love songs so do you know another way to learn more language words? I don’t think so.

Stop it is not over yet! Musixmatch giving you a great opportunity to upload your own lyrics and guess what it can be your song as well so Upload your song on SoundCloud, and worrying about lyrics here Musixmatch solved your issue.



  • Musixmatch supports all Audio media, Now enjoy your song with lyrics from YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play, Pandora or any other streaming service.
  • Musixmatch give top real-time Notification to display lyrics of your song
  • Musixmatch can Translate any song into a different language, It helps you to learn more words from different languages when you are enjoying your track
  • Musixmatch support YouTube video in full landscape mode, Floating lyrics with video
  • You will quickly notify when new lyrics are available
  • Musixmatch giving chance to upload your favorite lyrics by joining their Community
  • Musixmatch is now available for Android devices
  • You can offline your songs with lyrics
  • It is also free from ads
The Download Links Here Are…

Are you really excited to get this app just click down below:

One Download Link By PlayStore.

3. Audiomack – Download New Music

Are you bored to listen to old Music, well I know everyone has their rights, but trust me to try something new is not bad maybe it will give a little moment of joy! So, here I’m telling you about a new app Audiomack.

Audiomack provides free download access to the newest and hottest tracks, now you can download songs no matter what you like Audiomack has largest categories, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Mixtape, EDM and the list is on and on…

With Audiomack you can offline your favorite song list so you can’t bore anywhere. It has unlimited listening and streaming, now play as much as songs you want.


  • Search your favorite songs, or try a new one or which are in trading
  • It provides a great storage of offline audio song list
  • If you have a list of a favorite artist just add them to your favorite list
  • Audiomack giving you Audiosnap, now create 15 seconds video and export it and share with your friends
  • Try Go ad-free for just $1.99/month
The Download Links Here Are…

Wanna try this new and exclusive app? Just click below:

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4. NCS Music

NCS Music means NoCopyrightSounds. WOW!!! NoCopyrightSounds is there, anyone who wants to listen to copyright songs, well I’m not from them I just want new and fresh music which can heal me every time, if you are like me, so read rest article here you will lot of info about NCS Music.

NCS Music is a new app dedicated copyright free sounds for the artist to enhance their skills. It realizes a number of the variety of different musicians, it is also supported Royalty free music so it can be easily utilized on so many platforms. NCS music is one of the best music players that offer the audio player with most popular music mix as you want.


  • NCS provides High-quality music with any copyright
  • It is modern and friendly to their user, so you can easily navigate your search list
  • Here you will find current issues
  • The Song list update on daily basis
  • Support Free MP3 music, no registration fees
The Download Links Here Are…

SO are you guys excited to use this new app NCS music, NoCopyrightSounds:

One Download Link By PlayStore.

Tell me about your thoughts so, I can improve myself!!!

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