About Techstribe

Hey there, this page is an introduction to TechsTribe. It answers questions like why Techstribe was created, what it intends to accomplish, etc.

My name is Noor Nisa & I am your host. Currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan. I am a blogger, internet marketer and WordPress fanatic. As of this writing, I am studying at SSAT Degree College Karachi. My hobbies are blogging and trying new softwares, applications and tools. Techstribe is where I share what I learn. Although this is my first blog and it is based on WordPress, but I have blogged a ton on my Blogger blogs which are no longer existent. At Techstribe, you will find:

  • WordPress tutorials & guides
  • Computer tips and tricks
  • How to use X software
  • Guides around Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet marketing tips and tricks
  • How to do this and that

The reason you should read & subscribe to Techstribe is because tech is the future. Techstribe teaches a number of subjects and the best part is that you get to stay up to date with latest technological advancements. Every day, there are many softwares, Chrome extensions and tools launched and every day, computer beginners encounter problems. This blog is a little effort of mine to help you solve your computer problems. Aside from that, I share useful and cheesy Android apps and tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy:-)

Noor Nisa
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