Zombie Catcher Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

An outstanding Zombie Catcher Mod APK that will take you in the future that the fossils of human beings are now afraid of zombie and everything else is happening in the round. You play a pretty zombie hunter and do your own unique business, grab the body and make them delicious drinks and dessert. People who love it and large number of zombie job and species will not bother you.

Zombie Catcher Mod APK

Zombie Catcher Mod APK

You have to catch a zombie without any special damage by various type of trapes. This game is developed by two men and a dog. An independent game studio in finland. Zombie catcher mod apk bring many different types of zombies which have their own characteristics some aggressive monsters are ready to attack you some are very shy. They often hide in places where you are difficult to reach.

To get them out of the shelter you have to use a brain as the bait. They many not appear if you make noise you have need to stay away from the bait area or hide behind rocks from the bait area or hide behind rocks and stumps to avoid scaring them. Zombie catcher MOD Apk has filled with lots of fun, action and complete combination of strategy and madness.

In the original game you have to pay for plutonium and coins but in “ zombie catcher mod apk” you are getting unlimited coins and plutonium which can be used to purchase various items in the shop like extras, equipment and squeezers. These things will make your game more enjoyable and delightful.
Download zombie catcher mode apk now and get all exiting features for free.

Zombie Catcher Mod APK

In the game, there is small creature like bats or snakes. They do not harm you. However, if you touch them, they will make you stunned. This will greatly disadvantage you in zombie catching. therefore, you should use the harpoon to clean the area before performing a new hunt


In order to develop a fleshy squeezed factory, you have to explore many different areas on the earth to catch the dangerous zombies your hard work is rewarded with the huge profit from selling freshly squeezed to the people on earth. the more and more people are waiting for using their product.


  1. Hunt down zombies with your trusty harpoon gun sneaky traps.
  2. Unlock exiting new hunting gadgets such as nets, weapons, guns, traps and jet packs.
  3. Great tasty juice, candies and cuisine from your zombies sell them to hungry customer.
  4. Build a food business empire by developing delicious new recipe and upgrading your production line to deliver maximum profit.
  5. Zombie Catcher Mod APK
  6. Lure out special boss zombies and capture them with your harpoon from your flying ships.
  7. Complete fun daily challenges to get awesome rewards.
  8. You can play zombie catcher mode apk offline No wifi network need.

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