Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection [Wanna Try]

If you never tried any-time do it so you should read this post carefully because of Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection wants to configure properly your computer and network to allow the desktop remote connection. The Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection wants to get PC name and user account if you will not have these things so you should not try it and if you want to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection so first, you will have to make your personal PC and make personal user account then you should try it, my topic is the Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection

I will tell you Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection step by step and you must try it just one-time if you will not get so you may also ask for the comment.

  • Click the add (+) button in the top-right corner.
  • Click the Desktop option.
Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection
Click on Add (+)
  • Enter your PC name and also enter your user account
  • If you don’t have the user account so I hope you will click on add account
Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection
Add Account
  • Enter your new username and user account
  • Enter new your password, you may check your password if you want to check my password so you will have to click on the eye
  • Click on the Save
Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection
Make new account
  • Now, you have come on that list you can check
  • If you get a certificate warning from a trusted computer, check the Don’t ask about this certificate again option.
Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection
Accept Certificate
  • Click to Connect to complete the task

You can also click the gear button in the top right corner to access additional settings, including account and session settings, such as options to start a new connection in full-screen mode, change the size of the display, and keyboard options.

When you need to change settings for a particular connection, you can right-click the computer from the list, and click on Edit. On Edit a Desktop, you can update the IP address and user account. If you click More, you’ll be able to configure additional options, including display name for the connection, gateway information, and you can choose whether the audio from the remote computer plays on your device. Additionally, you will get the option to connect to an admin section and switch mouse buttons.
Now, I have complete this post you should try and I hope you will succeed to connect Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection.

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