Why Does My Phone Shutting of randomly

Does your phone shut off randomly? And you don’t know how to fix it. So in this article, I am going to share you 4 tips to fix this issue.

Some possible reasons why your phone shutting off randomly

This can happen due to Software or Hardware.

Software problem

Software Problem
Software Problem

When your selfphone’s processor does not work properly so your phone shutting off randomly.

If your phone running old version software can lead to abrupt or automatically shut down. Due to some apps installed simultaneously then phone start to show errors like shutting off.

When your phone battery temperature is hot then your phone shutting off randomly.

Some widgets can also the phone shutting off automatically.

Hardware problem

Hardware problem phone mobile

If your phone battery has dust then your phone does not work properly and it often shutting off.

Maybe the battery’s terminal might be having a poor connection and it starts shutting off your phone.

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After getting the reasons behind your android phone shuts off, now its time to get solutions which help you to rid out this error.

Tip # 1

Check out your phone button is stuck or not

Check out your phone button is stuck or not
Check out your phone button is stuck or not

If your phone continuously turning off automatically then you should check. If your power button stuck or malfunctioning and turning off the phone. Then simply press the power button multiple times and make sure if it is working smoothly.

The button should work smoothly while pressing and also immediately come out when you release. If your button stuck inside, then you should use a tweezer or something else to pull it out. 

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Tip # 2

Boot your phone in same made to solve the issue.

Boot your phone in same made to solve the issue.
Boot your phone in same made to solve the issue.

Safe mode is the best way to solve this shutting off issue. It happens when there are several apps on your phone are not compatible but if your phone goes to safe mode. So it allows built an app only to function.

It will be better to don’t use unwanted apps because those are the only burden to your phone’s battery and nothing else.

To pull out your phone into safe mode you have to follow these steps. You have to press the power button longer time until you see Device option.

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Then click on power off button for 10 seconds and tap on the ok option.

After that, your phone will automatically reboot and your phone will boot in safe mode.

Tip # 3

Update your smartphone

Update your smartphone
Update your smartphone

When your phone OS is not updated then also several issues comes like this one shutting off automatically.

You can update your phone. Simply go to the setting than about phone then tap on a software update 

If update is available then you can update your phone to solve shutting off problem

Tip # 4

Find for the app causing errors

Find for the app causing errors

There are some app can be problematic for you and your device shut down unexpectedly. It happens because some apps can lead to software instability so to get rid out of it. 

If you have any battery saver app then install it. Make sure all apps are up to date.

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You have to find whether your phone shutting down using a particular app or doing a certain task. And if it is happening with a new app then you have to uninstall that immediately


Final words android phone shutting off randomly is a common problem for many users.and you do not need to worry about it. You just need to focus on solving the problem. I have discusses a few solutions in this article I hope you guys your problem will be solved easily.

If you have any other solution let me know in the comment section.

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