5 WhatsApp Features Most People Don’t Know About

WhatsApp, one of the most popular apps at Google Play Store, is a powerful messaging service. It was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. The service was started after Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, was rejected for jobs at Twitter & Facebook both. Then fast forward in 2014, Facebook acquired the service for a whopping $19 billion WhatsApp Features.

Today the service is used by more than half a billion regular users because it’s just so convenient. Unlike traditional messaging apps, which utilize SIM card’s connectivity for sending and receiving messages, WhatsApp utilizes data connection or internet to transfer messages. So it costs you nothing more than an Internet connection. It’s become so popular in countries with vast Internet users, that people even ditched traditional SMS apps. But the service is more than what it looks like – there are many features of WhatsApp that lesser-known. Here are a few popular of them:

5 WhatsApp Features Most People Don’t Know About

WhatsApp Features

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Set Custom Notifications for Groups

One of the popular features of WhatsApp is that you can start a group conversation. Group conversations are kind of like a way to talk to multiple people at once. You can create your own group(s); one for family, one for friends or otherwise for subjects like discussing technology. You may already know about them & be a part of groups yourself, but you might not have known is that you can set a custom notification sound for each group.

How to do this? Here’s how:

  • Go to Chats
  • Click group’s thumbnail
  • From Custom Notifications, you can select your favorite tone

Was your message sent, delivered & read?

I don’t say you don’t know about this already, but there are many people oblivious to this amazing feature yet. I think it’s time they knew; when you send a message, to the bottom right of message there’s an icon that indicates the status of a message. Whether it is sent, delivered or even read, this icon tells you all.

  • If you see a clock-like icon, it means a message is yet to be sent either because data connection is off or wifi is disconnected.
  • One “tick” means a message sent (sent doesn’t mean the other person received it too)
  • If a message is delivered, you should see 2 “ticks” (they must be colored white)
  • As for message read, 2 “ticks” will appear, color blue

That’s all! It will take some for newbies to get used to these signs, but then you can have all the fun!

Who reads your message in group convo?

WhatsApp Features: The rules of a message sent, delivered and/or read are a little different in group conversations. And they may be confusing, at times. Fact is they’re simple; if your message is yet to be sent, you will see a clock-like icon. If a message is sent, a “tick” will be visible at bottom-right of a message.

You see, not all group participants will necessarily receive the message simultaneously, so to find out to whom a message was delivered as well as who read it, press hold tap on a message and click “i” icon from a menu. That’s all!

See how many messages have you sent TOTAL included in WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp can be addictive; if you’re a victim yourself, you might be interested in learning how many messages have you sent and received, to whom, etc. Well, you can find that out! WhatsApp offers a section, where this info is buried.

Here’s how: Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Network Usage. Here, a number is located beside the contact, which means the total number of message sent back and forth. If you click the contact, more info will be revealed about whom sent how many messages.

Access WhatsApp on Web: WhatsApp Features

There’s a group of smartphones/tablet users, who find typing on handheld devices uncomfortable. Myself included, that’s where WhatsApp Web comes. Typing on a smartphone can be tiresome; therefore you will find WhatsApp Web to be a life-saver. What WhatsApp Web basically is that it’s a WhatsApp experience provided on the PC.

No, WhatsApp Features it requires no downloading or installing of a software. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply go to http://web.whatsapp.com
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web
  • Scan QR Code is given on the website you visited earlier
  • Done. You can now do typing from your favorite keyboard.

WhatsApp Web provides almost all the features that come with the app on phone. So don’t worry, you will love it!


So these were the major features of WhatsApp which most people are unaware of.

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