Wavlink Wireless Router Review of 2020 (5G Router)

GA wireless router is used for two reasons; it provides wireless access to the internet or to a private computer network. The wireless router manufactured by Wavlink is a high power router. The Wi-Fi speed of the router is 1200Mbps, and Wavlink Wireless Router is something that appeals more to customers.

Wavlink Wireless Router

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Nobody likes when their video continues to buffer for more than a minute, or when they have to wait for a long time, for a picture to download on their smartphone.

Wavlink Wireless Router is not only best for those who can’t function without a good Wi-Fi connection because of their work, but also for those who need an efficient router to play video games online.

Wavlink Wireless Router contains a Gigabit Port, 4×100 Mbps port and they are ten times faster than other ports. The USB port that comes with the router, allows the user to share data with other storage devices.

Many people complain that the data transmission is a very lengthy process and requires a lot of patience, but Wavlink Wireless Router speeds up the process.

Wavlink Wireless Router Reviews:

Wavlink Wireless Router 2020

The router is designed in a way that it has 4 antennas, and the data stream is 4×4. These two features give a user the best Wi-Fi range that they can ask for. This means, that the position of the router doesn’t have to be changed frequently, as it has a high-performance ability.

A very appealing feature of Wavlink Wireless Router is that it has Touchlink Technology. This means that it lets the user set up a hosted Wi-Fi, to which guests can connect to and they don’t even require a password for it.

Wavlink Wireless Router can be really helpful when someone has a party at their place, and don’t want to tell them the Wi-Fi password, every minute.

There is a Smart app that comes with the router, and it is specially designed for parents who want to monitor their children’s network, even when they are not home.

The router comes with a 12-month warranty, and if the customers face any problems with the router, then they can simply call up customer support, that is available 24/7. The price of the Wavlink Wireless Router is $29.59.

Wavlink Wireless Router can be really helpful for those people, who want to place it in a large office or a large home. The position of the router doesn’t have to be changed over and over, saving the time of the user.

The cooling system designed within the router, ensuring the process of heat dissipation and prolonging the life of the device.

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  • The router can be quickly set up, like within 5 minutes and the other settings of the router are easy to figure out as well
  • The router provides a really good signal connection, regardless of how far away it is from the main user
  • The app is useful for managing the router


  • Some customers felt that the range of the router was very weak
  • The router needs to have rebooted so that it lights up and Wavlink Wireless Router be annoying for some customers

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