How to Watch Instagram Live From a Computer or TV

Do you want to watch Instagram live on your computer or TV? Well, it is possible now because mark Zuckerberg recently in one of his addresses confirmed that Instagram live can now be accessed through your desktop. Isn’t that great?

Stick around till the end of the article to find out how to watch Instagram live on your computer or TV.

Watching Instagram Live from a computer or TV can be a great way to stay connected and consume content on your terms. Whether you simply prefer to view live streams on a larger screen, or you are looking to multitask while you watch, there are many benefits to watching Instagram Live on your computer or TV. For one thing, the larger display makes it easier to see all of the action unfolding in real time.

Additionally, since many people now spend hours each day in front of their computers at work, it is convenient to take some of that time to catch up with your favorite influencers and brands via Instagram Live.

And whether you’re tuning in at home or in the office, watching an Instagram Live stream on your computer or TV offers a more immersive viewing experience than simply viewing on a mobile device.

So if you’re looking for an engaging and entertaining way to stay connected and entertained, tuning in to Instragam Live from your computer or TV might just be the solution for you!

How to Watch Instagram Live From a Computer or TV?

You can watch Instagram live on your computer through Log in to your Instagram account on the web instead of the Instagram application on your computer. Then follow the given steps.

  • Once you have logged in to your Instagram account. Look at your stories bar given at the top. And if anyone is live currently you can see their icon on the top of your stories.
  • Simply tap on it in order to join that person’s Instagram live.
  • The interface of that life will be the same as you see on your phone. You can comment and like and even share your life with your friends as well.
  • Once you are done watching the life simply click on the ‘X’ on top of the screen to exit the live session.

How to watch Instagram live on your TV?

You can watch Instagram live on your TV through casting and mirroring devices.

Follow the steps below to learn how to cast your Instagram live videos on your TV.

  • Open your Instagram on your web.
  • Make sure both your computer and TV are connected through a casting device like Chromecast.
  • Also, make sure that your computer and your TV have an access to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now go to your Instagram account and select the life you want to cast on your TV.
  • Select the device from the list where you would like to cast the selected Instagram live.
  • That is it. This will start showing Instagram live on your TV.

Why should I watch Instagram live on a big screen?

The big screen is always convenient for watching things like movies. Shows or workout videos and even cooking videos. And it is also pretty convenient to follow the steps given on the video if you are watching videos, particularly about cooking, working out, dancing, and anything which is instruction based.

The big screen makes everything easy and fun to watch. And you can also watch your videos while sitting farther away from the screen which does not put much strain on the eyes as well.


Watching an Instagram live on your computer and TV is pretty easy if you have the right equipment like the casting or mirroring devices. To watch Instagram live on TV, Google chrome cast is most recommended. And you can also use AirPlay if you are an iOS user.

I hope you found this article useful.

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