Vivaldi Browser Mod APK for Android

From the look and feel, to how you interact with your browser, every aspect of Vivaldi have tweaked and customize you’re in control. Vivaldi Browser mod apk, a web browsers from a group of developers that formerly worked on opera, is one to consider if you really want to customized your browsing experience. Now, Vivaldi is bringing that power. User spirit to mobile with a new android version available today in beta.

Vivaldi Browser Mod APK:

Vivaldi Browser mod apk

Vivaldi mobile browser beta doesn’t seems to offer everything that the desktop version does desktop Vivaldi is cool ability to stack tabs in to one tabs. Seems to be missing for example if you have been waiting for a Vivaldi like experience on mobile though the company official android release sounds like its worth checking out.

Vivaldi has ported across its speed dial function, which provides quick access to your favorite sites and collection of bookmarks. when ever you open a new tab and the bookmarks manager allow you to searchable description and nicknames to sites so you have not left scrolling through an interminable of saved URLs.

You can sync your browsing data between installation with a few taps. This include speed dial setting, form out fill data and save passwords.

There are all the features you’d expect from a modern. Mobile browsing and reader mode and if Vivaldi takes on the desktop is anything to go by, there will be lots more on the horizon.

Vivaldi Browser mod apk

You can also switching between tabs with a swipe and quickly duplicate tabs with out the need to copy and paste URLs. There a built in notes tool too, for jotting down memos and list without opening another app plus the ability to screen shot of entire web page not just what currently visible on the screen.

This browser is also designed with flexibility in mind with features like, the ability to switch search engine on fly by tapping a nickname in to the search bar before your query for example. You could type ‘w’ to search Wikipedia and ‘D’ for duckduckgo.

New caliber

You can now brows both in dark theme and light theme more creatively while complementing your busy, on the go lifestyle. Vivaldi boost your Creativity efficiency productivity with unique feature that separated from the pack.

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