How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Smartphone [Android]

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on

Imagine you’ve been using neighbor’s Wi-Fi for days, he had told its password weeks ago. Now since you somehow forgot the password and need a password for a new smartphone you bought recently. Neighbour Joe is not at home either, so what do you do? Your old smartphone still uses same Wi-Fi and has password somewhere deep inside; you could retrieve that password if there was away. Unfortunately, Android OS has no built-in GUI for that, there is no way for you to see saved connection’s password. What do you do then? Well, fortunately for you, you’re reading Dekho Geeko; there is one way View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords.

Note: You need to root your device for the given app to work. Know that the said app won’t reveal or hack Wi-Fi connections which are not saved.

With Note out of the way, we can now see how this app works.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords: How it works?

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Smartphone

WiFi Passwords is a great Android application that though works only on rooted devices, however, it works wonderfully. It essentially reveals the passwords of all WiFi connections which are saved on your device. This can be a handy little app if you forgot a connection’s password.

Ever wanted to know the password of the WiFi you are currently connected to? Or you just forgot your home WiFi password and you want to recover it? This app is tailored especially for you! It lets you recover the passwords of all the saved WiFi networks on your device. Root access is used only for recovering the WiFi passwords.

  • Simply tap on any WiFi entry to copy the password to clipboard
  • Long tap on an entry to bring up sharing options; from there you can share the recovered WiFi details at a single tap

Almost done! Now you can View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Smartphone using Android.

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