The Process Behind How-To Use WhatsApp?

The Process Behind How-To Use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is famous over all the world. Use WhatsApp plays a vital role in our daily life. We can see or watch each other in just a second through WhatsApp. Whatsapp has a lot of functions like sending messages to each other, sending voice message, sending photo in same variety, sending videos to clip into 2:30 short time duration, sending file of any viewers like pdf etc, sending documents, sending books, sending office works, sending newspaper and there are so many works of WhatsApp. Thats why today Use WhatsApp is a popular unit of android mobile.

Use WhatsApp

Some time ago, There are other Android apps like facebook, twitter, Skype and many others. And they have several important and also same features of WhatsApp but slowly and gradually The Whatsapp replaced all and become the most useful application in this modern era.

Whatsapp also makes you standard and your life as free life through Whatsapp Status. Whatsapp Status Feature is yet another WhatsApp currently development for the every WhatsApp user. By which we can share our status for twelve hours and our every contact-holder or friends can see and react our status. Status may be in picture mode or Video or Writing mode. We can also keep one or more status for twelve hours. We can also check our status viewer summary. We can also make comment on the status. If we want to delete our status then we have right option to delete it into second. It is the success of WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp

Nowadays Whatsapp becomes the Oxygen and glucose of Life. Through WhatsApp, we can also share information about medical science or fitness and others subjects also. By using WhatsApp we can treat each other by medicine literature. By WhatsApp, we can tell each other about what are my diet fundamentals for my health.

Whatsapp has both a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

There are some advantages of using WhatsApp; given below.

  1. By WhatsApp, we become closer to each other.
  2. By using WhatsApp we can help and also solve the problems of each other.
  3. By using WhatsApp we can connect through video call and also on voice call freely.
  4. Whatsapp has a large capacity to save our information for our-wishing time.
  5. By using WhatsApp we can increase our friends.
  6. By using WhatsApp we can chat with each other in secret groups of two or more friend

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

  1. By most using of WhatsApp(out of scheduled), there is might be effected on our daily routine like study, eating, working, running, or any other important activities.
  2. There is the huge effect of WhatsApp in our daily life is to share or send the porn videos in the group. Where everyone is busy to watch it. Because sex is also fundamental activity of life. But it has a complete limit. But unfortunately we cross the dead-line.

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