[3 ways] How to unlock locked Android phone without losing data?

Locked looking for a way to unlock an Android phone, but don’t want to lose any data on this device? Read this guide to see how to unlock Android phone without losing data.

“I overlooked the password lock on my Samsung Galaxy S8 previous night. I’ve tried several possible passwords and now my Samsung is locked. I don’t want to factory reset my phone. Any way. Can I unlock my Galaxy S8 without setting it?

How to unlock locked Android phone without losing data?

To access data on your phone and device, most of you prefer to set a password, PIN, or pattern lock. However, if you forget your password, PIN, pattern lock, or other reasons, you will be locked out of your Android device.

Usually, when this happens, a factory reset of your phone is an option to regain access. But as a result, all the data on your phone will be lost.

Then, is there any way to unlock a locked Android phone without losing any data?

Phone Rescue for Android

Phone Rescue can be the most reliable and effective way to unlock an Android phone. Whether your screen is locked with a password, pattern, or fingerprint, it easily removes any data without losing it.

All it takes is 1 easy click. It will not peek into your device. All files and personal data on the device will be 100% safe. More than anything, Phone Rescue for Android users is completely free to unlock locked Android phones.

Finally, for more Android data recovery needs, it is so powerful for recovering deleted or lost photos, messages, contacts, apps, call logs, and other types of Android files. Presently, we should perceive how to utilize it to open bolted Android telephones without losing information.

Step 1 Download Phone Rescue for Android for free and install it on your Mac / PC> Launch it> Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable.

Step 2 Click on the upper left corner to select the lock screen removal function.

Step 3 After the identification process is complete, click the Start Unlock button to unlock your Android phone.

Step 4 When the screen lock is successfully removed, it will appear in the interface below and your Android phone will restart automatically. You can now have full access to your phone. Visit more: Techstribe

Google account

If your phone is still running Android 4.4 or lower, you can try using the Forgotten Pattern feature to get into a locked Android phone.

  • Step 1 Enter an incorrect password multiple times until you see the Forgotten Patterns> Tag forgotten pattern.
  • Step 2 Enter your Google Account details and tap Sign In. You should now have full access to your phone.

Android Device Manager

unlock locked Android phone without losing data

Android Device Manager is the ultimate solution for users to get into a locked Android phone. This service can be accessed and used under the promise that it is enabled on your Android device before unlocking the Android Device Manager.

  • Step 1 Visit Google.com/android/device manager on your Mac / PC > Sign in with the Google Account details you also used on your locked Android phone.
  • Step 2 In the Android Device Manager interface, select the gadget you need to unlock> click the lock button> enter a temporary secret phrase (no compelling reason to enter a recovery message)> re-lock Click on the button.
  • Step 3 If the process is successful, you will see a confirmation window with buttons: Color, Lock and Erase.
  • Step 4 When the Password field appears on your Samsung phone, enter a temporary password> go to lock the screen settings on your Samsung phone> disable the temporary password you previously set.
  • Bottom line

It’s all about how to unlock a locked Android phone without losing data. As you can see, Method 1 – Phone Rescue for Android may be the best choice for you to unlock Samsung Phone Forgotten Password. So, don’t hesitate to try it now.

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