[Quick Tip] Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11

The upcoming flagship smartphone of Samsung, Inc is one of the most awaited smartphones! Here I am going to start a new topic that will be really interested for you to know about Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11.

The leaks for the upcoming beast are that there will be three models probably, no doubt the high price is expected, S11 design remains a mystery. It would be announced in early 2020.

Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11
Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11

What is bootloader?

Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11 may cost you a lot more if you perform it carelessly. Fastboot is a powerful tool that works only in the bootloader or fastboot mode. It helps you to re-flash the system partitions on your device with an unlocked bootloader.

You would need a Laptop or PC, Fully or nearly fully charged phone, working and latest USB Cable, and download ABD Fastboot Tools.

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Download Mediatek VCOM drivers and remember to backup your Samsung device so you can recover your data, as unlocking a bootloader wipes all the data on the phone.

Follow the steps below to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11.

Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11
Unlock Bootloader on Samsung S11
  • Go to settings and enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging. Settings > Developer Options.
  • Download and Extract the ABD Fastboot Zip file on your PC or Laptop.
  • Connect your Samsung device to your PC or Laptop through USB cable.
  • Let the drivers get installed.
  • In the ABD fastboot folder, open the command prompt window.
  • Type this command in command prompt window: ADB devices.
  • If you get a pop-up message to allow USB Debugging on your phone, click ‘OK‘.
  • Type this command now: ADB reboot bootloader.
  • Now that your device is rebooting into bootloader, check if your phone shows the bootloader locked and then type this command to know that the fast boot drivers are installed properly: ‘fastboot devices‘.
  • You will see a list of the devices connected to your PC or Laptop, if you see the serial number of your phone, you’ve been doing the process right till now. If your device doesn’t show up there, it means the drivers are not installed.
  • As your phone is recognized and listed, unlock the bootloader with this command: fastboot OEM unlock.
  • Type another command after the above commands finishes processing: fastboot reboot‘. Your phone will reboot, wait for it to reboot completely and then you’re good to go. Enjoy!

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