How To Use Universal Unlock Pattern For Android [Tip To Unlock]

Welcome to 101 Android on TechsTribe and I will disclose how to use Universal Unlock Pattern For Android and common Android issues. Here you go to understand easier than now due to there the post totally on the point. In this page, I am going to help you that how can you do with your mobile if you forgot the pattern and password of your mobile. Let’s go.

Suppose: I have got a Samsung galaxy mobile and I forgot that how do I unlock it either the mobile is working fine even it neither hang nor shutting down again and again.

How To Use Universal Unlock Pattern For Android

Please read carefully then you will understand what the tip is and how the tip work. And this tip is working without any computer or software too. Kindly read the article till the end to don’t a misunderstanding.

Don’t worry just chill and follow Universal Unlock Pattern For Android guide over here. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy mobile whose unlocked with me by mistake so, now I’m going to Use Universal Unlock Pattern For Android.

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  • First of all, you have to backup of your DATA otherwise, it may go. Because of the data will not come back again that’s why I’m again reminding you to keep carefully read the post and also keep following my steps whatever I’m doing.
  • First, you have to add your old pattern then it will show incorrect so, again try another one, it will again incorrect so, definitely, you forgot the password or pattern.
  • The Universal Unlock Pattern is 2, 5, 8, 4, 6, 9, 3, 1 be careful, please.
Universal Unlock Pattern For Android
Unlock pattern!
  • Try above universal pattern, it will show you incorrect so, don’t worry because this is a universal pattern lock, I’ll show you that how to unlock it.
  • Now, go to restart the mobile.
  • Wait, till restart completing.
  • In this process, your all data will be restarted so, as I told you before you should get the backup then do it because it neither save the data nor keeps even a contact number.
  • Neither computer flashing, nor using a software to do.
  • Now, the mobile has restarted go and add your old pattern, or password.
  • Once, you complete the steps above, you will be seeing to get your Android unlocked

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