How To Uninstall Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Windows 10

Hello friends, in this post, I am going to share something interested that will solve your problems a lot. You must know if you are a user of Nvidia, how to uninstall Nvidia Cuda Toolkit in Windows 10.

It does not matter if you are also a user of Windows 10. You must have a knowledge little bit what is the exact way to remove it from your PC.

Without wasting the time. We should back to the topic.

Let’s begin!

How To Uninstall Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Windows 10?

Do you know what is CMD? It is a command prompt. Which allows you to install anything by hitting the command.

No worry, there are many ways to remove Nvidia Cuda Toolkit. But here I’ll just share with you two ways.

So, let’s started!

The first way to remove

This way is to use the control panel. How to do it. Let’s see.

  • Click to Type here to search.
  • Write ” Control Panel “.
  • Then go to programs.
  • There will see many programs you have installed.
  • Now pick the Nvidia Cuda Toolkit up.
  • Click on the software. Then click on uninstall button.
  • After that, it will ask you to confirm it.
  • Then simply confirm to uninstall.

That’s it.

The second way to kick out

This way is to use CMD. What is this, I already described you above. So, without wasting more time in it.

Let’s start!

  • Hit Windows + R.
  • Write their ” CMD ” capital or small ” cmd “.
  • Then a new window will be opened which will be fully black.
  • Write this command ” wmic “.
  • Then this one: ” product get name “.
  • You will see all programs you have installed.
  • Now run this command to remove Nvidia Cuda Toolkit in Windows 10: ” product where name=”Nvidia Cuda Toolkit” call uninstall “.
  • Then it will ask Yes or No.
  • Simply just type there Yes.
  • Or you can write Y instead of Yes.

That’s it.


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