TUTU APK for Android (BEST ANDROID HELPER) With Features

This is trending app which has TUTU APK its origin in china. To understand this , it is nothing but an app store for china, but it can be accessed all over the world. One thing to remember here is its should be accessed in the Chinese language.
TUTU app comes in 2 version. One is regular and other is premium.



This app experienced its leading from the days when people started playing Pokémon go and later in a few weeks it become prevalent, recently they also changed the name from TUTU app and now its TUTU helper.

TUTU app provides hacks because it encourage people to earn more and more points. This also users to sit in the comfort of their home and play the games without searching for destination. This also comes with GPS walking hacks and fake location hack as well.


The new version of TUTU app is V3.4.1, it comes for the android operating system. It app android operating system. It app also contains many new option to give a better experience.

The new version of it contains many new App and games, which make this all coolest. A new version top trending games like pubg with new version and mine able Pokémon go and many games. The new version has no bags and all the internet related errors have fixed and now you can enjoy all features.


Features of TUTU APK.

  • New paid apps and games (free)
  • Better user interface.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Solve all internet errors.
  • TUTU app is a totally free app just download and install it.
  • One of the best feature is, it give many paid application free of cost. Which is very costly on play store and app store.
  • It’s developers also have given many option like, topic, discover, best apps and many more, to make it an efficient application.
  • The interface of it looks like play store or app store.
  • The next feature of TUTU app works with android as well as iOS operating system very smoothy.
  • It does not require any ID to open and run. You just download it from our website link and enjoy it.
  • Note that you have no need to rooting your android system and jail breaking your iOS device to install the app.
  • Now we would like to draw your attention towards some of the best TUTU app feature because your are too excited to know more about it.
  • The most important feature of TUTU app is that it allows you to free download any premium games or apps on your mobile, tablet or any other android or iOS device.
  • Many people love to access the modded version of popular application or games. TUTU app vip helps you to play any favorite games or application in modded or hacked version.
  • If you have any android phone, there is a high probability that you have installed application like a Clean master. To keep your phone clean and fast.
  • It also lets you manage your file in device storage or SD card and share them to near by device using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity.

I hope After know this feature you will love this app .

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