How To Turn Off Voice On Roku [ Quick Guide ]

Here on this page, you will know how to turn off voice on Roku streaming devices or TV. Before starting just know some things about Ruko.

Let’s begin!

What is Ruko

The Roku is a device basically made by the company of Roku. It is very helpful for us to stream media such as (shows, movies, and even music).

If you want to use this you must have an internet connection on your TV. If you have no options to get internet then you can connect by Ruko device.

It offers an affordable and practical way to add internet streams and expand internet streaming options.

You can connect to the internet with the minimal setup as you do on your PC. Ruko device incorporates an operating system of (OS).

Which allows users to access and manage internet streaming content on your Ruko TV.

Turn Off Voice On Roku

If you have turned on voice on Roku by any accident, you don’t know to turn off it. Below you can see two ways to turn off voice on Roku.

Let’s get started!

Roku Remote Shortcut Quick Guide

If you want a Quick option for turning off then pick up your Ruko remote and press the start button four times in quick succession. Now you’ll listen to a message, that’s saying “Audio Guide disabled” Conforming narration is Off.

Note: To use the Above Quick way Please make sure it’s enabled.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Find out the Audio Guide section of the Accessibility menu.
  3. Select Shortcut and toggle the selection from Disabled to Enabled.

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How Do I Turn Off Video Description on Roku?

Are you also don’t want to see video descriptions on Roku? same as me. Let’s see How to turn off the video description on Ruko?.

If you are using a cable TV source on your Roku TV, player, and notice a video description feature on movies and TV shows, you can turn off the secondary Audio Program (SAP) Settings use below guideline.

  • On Xfinity X1: Choose Device Settings > Languages > Audio Language (SAP) Reset.
  • With Spectrum TV for Roku: Open the app by using the Roku remote and go to Settings > Preferences > Audio Language (SAP).

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