Train Simulator 2018 Game For Android (Updated)

This game is very interesting and very amazing and technical this game was designed specifically for those who have interest in train journey. This game had published November 1, 2017, that’s why it is called of new game 2018. Because 2018 has started Train Simulator in very trains Problem you can see in below screenshot.

TS2017 0004

And if you solve these problems so, you can also win this game all levels and if you can’t solve this problems and mistakes so, your level will complete. If you want to solve your all problems so you will apply hack tool. I will give you hack cheats and many types of cheats you can search this game cheats on Google.


Who made this game?

Who made this game? He tells you beautiful engine loaded on your train and more passengers. You should drive your train very carefully. Because the many passengers sit down in your train watch out for the signs, speed limits, signals, rail crossings, and other things you successfully complete your mission. Because, the graphics are very superb and realistic of this game and if you will able you drive your train in the game so, you want to drive in any country and any city and if you let drive in New York City you can see many interesting things like this. Countryside, Factories, Suburbs You can challenge the world and enjoy the drive train.

maxresdefault 2

Features of Train Simulator 2018

  • 6 advanced and unique drivers to drive your train.
  • Around 1000 square miles of terrain.
  • 15 different cities to drive your train.
  • Levers and gauges for cabins.
  • Damage system for the trains.
  • Weather reports and day and night system.
  • Amazing graphics that shows it the reality.


There are many types of this game I am showing this all part.

Train Simulator 1994 from Train Simulator 2018 these all are part of this game you can buy all part of this game from the last link.

System Requirements,

  • Graphics card: 1 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Windows: XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

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