Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

If you like racing car games, then you are going to love this 3D drag racing game. There are many levels and opponents in this game. You can even try to win against your friends, and show them that you are the best.

If you get the best machines, improve their traits, race on maximum limit, then you can totally win this game!

The graphics of Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK are really beautiful. You will get to choose from a variety of cars. There is a garage in this game, from where you can choose cars.

And each car comes with its own set of possibilities. You can modify your car, and enjoy the unusual locations for racing.

Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Image result for Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

Image result for Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK

The game comes with a proper storyline, making it more interesting. If you want to top in a city, then you need to defeat about two dozen bosses and their men.

You can improve the performance of your car if you think that it is not up to the mark. The new update on this game fixed its bugs.

You can accelerate the speed anytime you want to. There will be statistics running on the top of the screen, displaying different features of the game.

You can see your achievements, player profile of other players, and settings. The speed settings for this game are easy to understand.

You can control your fuel level and current data of the vehicle. Top Speed Drag & Fast Racing MOD APK offers unlimited cash, with which you can buy speed limits.

Download here: Mod APK file

The best part of this game is that you can change the paint job of your car decals. You will be able to add nitrous boosters in your car and maximum speed tires. Anything that you want to do to increase your car’s speed, this game will let you do that.

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