Today, we will talk on BEST UTORRENT ALTERNATIVE 2018 and I will tell you what does it work for us. It has the fastest work of downloading and I wanna your download will complete fast and I should not wait for your download. Just upgraded from a Galaxy S7 to the S9 and the uTorrent alternative was far better on the S7.

The S7 app had the remote app integrated into it and I was able to add torrents to my phone or computer and have them queued waiting to download instead of automatically starting them once they’re added the uTorrent alternative. Idk what happened and why the app went back to its basic settings but it’s not worth having now.

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uTorrent alternative

You can’t even ‘select all’ to easily choose which files to download. So with a torrent with hundreds of files and uTorrent alternative, you have manually unselected each one, one by one. Would be good if you can prioritize files too. Also, scrolling file names would be good so that you can see the full file name. Edit; I used to get a popup when adding my torrent allowing me to choose uTorrent alternative and location. This popup no longer appears and torrents start automatically

Waiting on BitTorrent Live App on Android Hoping to see BitTorrent News and other channels live soon. uTorrent alternative is wasting there time with Apple and Mac support. Bleeding edge Fantastic app! Great documentaries and indie releases scattered throughout. Also, a fantastic option for those looking at the self-publication route. I hope you will download and install the uTorrent!


  1. µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader
  2. BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads
  3. µTorrent® Pro – Torrent App
  4. µTorrent® Remote
  5. BitTorrent Now
  6. Flud – Torrent Downloader
  7. YIFY Movies Browser
  8. MyTorrent: Advance Free Torrent Downloader
  9. BitTorrent® Pro – Torrent App
  10. Transdrone
  11. Vuze Torrent Downloader
  12. MyTorrent Pro: Advance Torrent App
  13. WeTorrent – Torrent Downloader
  14. MuTorrent – Torrent Downloader
  15. tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client
  16. Torrent Search Engine
  17. TorrentToise
  18. BitTorrent® Remote
  19. Torrent Downloader
  20. TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader
  21. nzb360
  22. All Torrent Downloader
  23. Torrent Search
  24. Torrent Search & Downloader 2018

  1. µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader
  2. µTorrent downloads files at high speeds using the uTorrent alternative hyper-distribution communications protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (“uTorrent alternative”). Splitting the downloadable file into multiple parts and employing multithreading through seeding helps you download music, movies, and video files many times uTorrent alternative.

    Fast, light, and powerful: that’s the core of our uTorrent alternative download technology. The uTorrent app reflects that. We uTorrent alternative uTorrent downloader around your mobile download needs.


    • Simply download files directly to your phone/tablet for the uTorrent alternative!
    • Share files & torrents with ease from your phone/tablet.
    • No download speed limits and no torrent download size limits
    • Better music listening and uTorrent alternative viewing experience with integrated music and video players

    Download µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader

  3. BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads
  4. From the team that invented the BitTorrent uTorrent alternative protocol and uTorrent, the BitTorrent torrent app for Android is a beautifully simple way to discover, download, and play media, uTorrent alternative.

    BitTorrent is pleased to announce a version 4 for the most downloaded torrent app on the uTorrent alternative. Version 4 represents a significant transition to a new core architecture paving the way for major developments to come to the uTorrent alternative.


    • Choose your file download location uTorrent alternative a torrent
    • Download torrents and magnet links
    • Choose between uTorrent alternative torrents only, or torrents & files
    • Translations in Pусский, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil
    • The very latest in core torrenting technology and uTorrent alternative, continuously updated by dedicated torrent core engineers to maximize uTorrent alternative

    Download BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads

  5. µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App
  6. µTorrent Pro (uTorrent alternative) is a light, powerful, AD-FREE app to help you download the stuff you love, directly to your phone or uTorrent alternative now with auto-shutdown and battery-saving preferences. If you like the µTorrent desktop client or the μTorrent (uTorrent) app for Android, you’ll love the uTorrent alternative.

    And, because this edition of the µTorrent Android app is new to the Google Play store, you can upgrade to uTorrent alternative Pro at a special introductory price


    • Easy access to your media with integrated music and video uTorrent alternative
    • Select files to download within a torrent to minimize your storage uTorrent alternative
    • Better listening and viewing experience with integrated music and video uTorrent alternative
    • Choose your file download uTorrent alternative
    • Download torrents and magnet links
    • Translations in Pусский, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil

    Download µTorrent® Pro - Torrent App

  7. µTorrent® Remote
  8. The remote can control any device and the µTorrent® Remote control the download file like video and music file. It supports the µTorrent’s files. You can enable to access uTorrent alternative (uTorrent) on your home computer from anywhere on the internet. Just create an account from uTorrent alternative (uTorrent) on your computer and you have done.

    It is the simple remote and its icon is also the same as uTorrent you can also check that is the image of the uTorrent alternative. The only issue I’ve ever had is with it staying logged in. It handles magnets well and it’s very easy to use the uTorrent alternative.


    • Add, remove, start, stop downloads on your home uTorrent alternative
    • Check download progress
    • Check your RSS feeds of uTorrent alternative
    • Automatically add torrents to your home µTorrent® (uTorrent) client from your mobile browser for uTorrent alternative

    Download µTorrent® Remote

  9. BitTorrent Now
  10. BitTorrent is very expensive and very best in the whole torrents and it is for movies and song of the uTorrent alternative. BitTorrent Now is the best place to experience music and video from the underground artists you don’t know about the uTorrent alternative. We’re a rabbit hole of on-demand songs, stories, and more for fans looking for that next, best thing. uTorrent alternative

    When you see advertising, we share that revenue in a fair and transparent way with our creative community. Directly support the artists who you want to succeed


    • Experience it now or save it for later: browse and stream curated music and video uTorrent alternative from independent artists
    • Check out what tracks, artists, and videos are trending within the Now community
    • Personalize your experience by uTorrent alternative in with Facebook, Google+, or email to follow your favorite artists to get the scoop on their uTorrent alternative

    Download BitTorrent Now

  11. Flud - Torrent Downloader
  12. Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for the uTorrent alternative. The power of the BitTorrent protocol is now in the palm of your hands. Share files with ease from your phone/tablet. Download files directly to your uTorrent alternative.

    This is the best torrent app/client I have ever seen and used by FAR. Totally safe, if you’re smart enough to see what you’re downloading and not get rar or zip files. uTorrent alternative use uTorrent or any client on your computer, unless you want to brick it. The ads are hardly the uTorrent alternative


    • No speed limits on uTorrent alternative
    • Ability to select which files to download
    • Ability to specify file/folder priorities
    • RSS feed support with automatic uTorrent alternative
    • Magnet link support

    Download Flud - Torrent Downloader

  13. YIFY Movies Browser
  14. Search and browse movies available through uTorrent alternative Browser. You can copy the magnet link, or open it. Movies available in 720p and uTorrent alternative.

    YIFY Movies Browser is Torrent Search Engine YTS uTorrent alternative to for the movie lovers who want to download their favorite movie torrents from the Internet. uTorrent alternative provides all available movie torrents provide by YTS.org.

    Great movie browser. There’s just one flaw, the movies are the uTorrent alternative but some dont have the option to download it sometimes it takes a couple days. Thats the only reason I didn’t rate it 5 uTorrent alternative

    Download YIFY Movies Browser

  15. MyTorrent: Advance Free Torrent Downloader
  16. MyTorrent app is the Completely free application that helps uTorrent alternative users to download (torrent) their your phone or tablet in a hassle-free way. uTorrent alternative is Completely free for Android users and comes with most of the Advanced features which are available in premium mobile App uTorrent alternative

    This is one of the best torrent downloaders with no download uTorrent alternative or downloads size uTorrent alternative. Not able to change storage location as sd card ..it`s showing permission uTorrent alternative.


    • Auto-shutdown feature to Automatically exit app when Downloading will finish uTorrent alternative
    • No speed limits and no size limits. Completely free for Lifetime.
    • Easily change the file path with the inbuilt file uTorrent alternative.
    • Easily switch between night & Day mode. Both options is available in setting menu uTorrent alternative

    Download MyTorrent: Advance Free Torrent Downloader

  17. BitTorrent® Pro - Torrent App
  18. Find uTorrent alternative and download them directly to your phone or tablet, AD-FREE, with the official BitTorrent® uTorrent alternative for Android– now with battery saving and auto-shutdown features.

    Upgrade to the uTorrent alternative of the BitTorrent® app– from the inventors of the BitTorrent protocol and uTorrent alternative, BitTorrent client is the #1 torrent client on desktops worldwide. Your feedback is very important to the uTorrent alternative.


    • No banner ads
    • Battery Saver feature- suspends torrents when the battery goes below a predefined uTorrent alternative
    • Auto-shutdown feature to save uTorrent alternative + data. Automatically shut down torrenting when downloads are done and the app is in background
    • Introductory uTorrent alternative

    Download BitTorrent® Pro - Torrent App

  19. Transdrone
  20. Transdrone allows you to manage the torrents you run on your home server or seedbox. You can add the uTorrent alternative, start/stop them, assign labels, view trackers, and individual files set uTorrent alternative and much more!

    Most popular clients are supported, including uTorrent alternative, Transmission, rTorrent, BitTorrent 6, Deluge, Vuze, Bitflu, BitComet, Qbittorrent, Ktorrent, and Torrentflux-b4rt. Plus Synology, uTorrent alternative, and Buffalo NAS clients.

    Transdrone is the little brother to Transdroid. Looking for uTorrent alternative torrent search or RSS feeds? Then you might check out the uTorrent alternative

    Download Transdrone

  21. Vuze Torrent Downloader
  22. The official Vuze Torrent Downloader™ app for the uTorrent alternative has arrived. Lightweight yet powerful, this BitTorrent app brings complete torrent management directly to your smartphone or uTorrent alternative. It’s simple, fast and easy to use for torrent downloads.

    The best torrent downloader there is. uTorrent alternative. I use Vuze on pc ofc. But the android app has severe issues which you can solve very easily. A must feature for me is to see the uTorrent alternative.


    • Simple torrent search and uTorrent alternative
    • Manage torrent downloads
    • Control torrent uTorrent alternative speed
    • Straightforward interface
    • Works for Android phones and uTorrent alternative

    Download Vuze Torrent Downloader

  23. MyTorrent Pro: Advance Torrent App
  24. MyTorrent Pro app is Ad-free, Advance, Premium uTorrent alternative Application for Android Smartphones. This is the Premium version of the Torrent Client which is Published under the same name on the uTorrent alternative.

    This Android application helps users to download (uTorrent alternative) their your phone or tablet in a hassle-free way. This Full features app comes with most of the Advanced features. This is one of the best torrent downloaders with no uTorrent alternative speed or downloads size limits. So if you tired of So many ads then you can Try uTorrent alternative.

    Download MyTorrent Pro: Advance Torrent App

  25. WeTorrent - Torrent Downloader
  26. It’s amazing in all respects… Except for the uTorrent alternative that when I connect my phone to a PC, I can’t seem to find the downloaded file… the uTorrent alternative that’s a problem only I’m facing? I don’t know. Everything else is the uTorrent alternative, and I keep coming back to this app

    WeTorrent is a blazing fast uTorrent alternative downloader, based on the BitTorrent protocol. Downloading torrents with WeTorrent is simple -download files directly to your uTorrent alternative in one tap.


    • Beautiful and clean material design uTorrent alternative
    • Torrents Downloader at high speeds (No limits)
    • Multiple simultaneous downloads uTorrent alternative
    • Magnet link support
    • torrent files support uTorrent alternative

    Download WeTorrent - Torrent Downloader

  27. MuTorrent - Torrent Downloader
  28. MuTorrent is a torrent client for the uTorrent alternative. Simple and easy to use design makes torrent downloading hassle free. This app does not work. Plain and simple. Try to uTorrent alternative something and it just stays at 0% perpetually. I highly recommend you stay away from this poorly made waste of uTorrent alternative.

    This is the major issue which important to solve to avoid low ratings. The app will add the file to the uTorrent alternative but not work properly. The download will pause automatically at the time with 4G range. This app is the uTorrent alternative… but for some days I faced bit annoying to use this…coz it takes much more time to download a uTorrent alternative

    Download MuTorrent - Torrent Downloader

  29. tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client
  30. tTorrent is simply the best torrent (uTorrent alternative) downloader client for Android-based devices. Download large files like free movies, free music uTorrent alternative, free software programs, free MP3 files and other entertainment media to your phone or tablet very fast. High-Speed Internet connection (uTorrent alternative) necessary!

    If you bought tTorrent Pro previously please check the website uTorrent alternative contact on the support email, thanks.


    • create and share new torrent files
    • choose single files for download from torrents containing multiple files
    • supports writing external storage, like SD cards (uTorrent alternative)
    • sequential download mode (streaming)
    • Wifi only mode, Wifi or uTorrent alternative mode
    • magnet link support, trackerless torrent (uTorrent alternative) support
    • RSS support(automatically download torrents published in feeds)

    Download tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client

  31. Torrent Search Engine
  32. Search not working it keeps saying “uTorrent alternative”. The Internet is working fine, this is the first time in a year it hasn’t the uTorrent alternative. This app was the BEST up until 5 minutes ago. I’ve never used a VPN for this app, do I need one now? Help! I’m wasting valuable time not the uTorrent alternative
    It is a phenomenal torrent search engine (uTorrent alternative)… There is a slight issue. Some torrent will show having seeds and actually have none (uTorrent alternative). And organizing my seeds also doesn’t work for some providers. But those aren’t the fault of the uTorrent alternative.


    • Search torrents choosing your favorite search provider from uTorrent alternative
    • Concurrent mode available to search across all providers concurrently
    • Download files directly on your device (uTorrent alternative)

    Download Torrent Search Engine

  33. TorrentToise
  34. Great app! My only problem is that for the uTorrent alternative that I force-stared it shows upload speed instead of download. I’m using uTorrent Linux Server and limit concurrent torrents to 5 so sometimes force-start some uTorrent alternative.
    Help is needed to set this up to work from my galaxy s4 to torrent. I tried to uTorrent alternative the instructions on the Web page but to no avail. How can I give a uTorrent alternative review if I can’t get it to work thanks


    • List all your torrents, and use advanced filters to view just the torrents you uTorrent alternative
    • Detailed information for each torrent
    • Change priority for each file or torrent you are downloading
    • Adjust your client’s settings remotely, both global and per-uTorrent alternative

    Download TorrentToise

  35. BitTorrent® Remote
  36. What is BitTorrent® Remote?
    BitTorrent Remote is a simple and secure uTorrent alternative that enables you to access BitTorrent on your home computer from anywhere. Just create an account from uTorrent alternative on your computer and you’re done. There’s no complicated network setup uTorrent alternative.

    Having uTorrent alternative feeds prevents me from logging in with the remote. Have to shut them down which sucks because uTorrent alternative what I’m watching to get the latest downloads going. Great app if you’re surfing sites and snagging individual torrents. I like how it allows me to control and convert the uTorrent alternative

    Download BitTorrent® Remote

  37. Torrent Downloader
  38. Torrent Downloader for Android is a full-featured BitTorrent uTorrent alternative and download manager. Using the torrent P2P protocol it’s possible to split the uTorrent alternative to downloading in multiple parts so that you can boost the download speed by 10 times or more. With Torrent Downloader you can uTorrent alternative every setting of the app and you’ll have the ability to start, pause and resume a torrent

    This app is designed to be used in a simple and immediate way, just import a torrent file or paste a magnet uTorrent alternative and the download will immediately start. With only one app you can download videos, movies, music, ebooks, pictures, ZIP archives, ISO images and any other files from the uTorrent alternative!

    Download Torrent Downloader

  39. TorrDroid - Torrent Downloader
  40. TorrDroid is a uTorrent alternative cum search engine that features a hassle-free way of searching and downloading torrents. This torrent app has the option to uTorrent alternative without browsing for them manually.

    With TorrDroid, you need only enter a search term and a file type to initiate a torrent search with them in the built uTorrent alternative. The results appear in the app itself ready for click-to-download. TorrDroid also has the feature to automatically download the most appropriate and reliable torrent as per your search uTorrent alternative


    • Download torrents without browsing with the in the built search engine or search manually from the uTorrent alternative.
    • Open .torrent files from Android file system directly in the app.
    • Open magnet links and .torrent file links directly in the uTorrent alternative.

    Download TorrDroid - Torrent Downloader

  41. nzb360
  42. Fantastic app loving the torrent functionality. Much more uTorrent alternative compared to Transdrome/Transdroid. Just needs a few features like tracker URL or someway to sift between torrents from the different uTorrent alternative. Also would be great if you could select multiple torrents rather than having to delete/pause torrents one at a uTorrent alternative.

    nzb360 is a full-featured uTorrent alternative manager that focuses on providing the best experience possible for controlling all of your Usenet needs. nzb360 also supports all kinds of connections, including local/remote addresses, uTorrent alternative Authentication, URL rewrites, reverse proxies, and more.

    Download nzb360

  43. zetaTorrent - Torrent App
  44. The problem I have with this program is that it automatically starts to redownload finished torrents that I uTorrent alternative. It should simply pause torrents that are seeding and suddenly uTorrent alternative. Otherwise a great program. But this “feature” is bad enough to switch to the uTorrent alternative.
    This is absolutely the best uTorrent alternative there is. I love the in-app browser as it prevents redirecting to an unwanted and unexpected website other than the one I want. The in-app browser is the best feature please don’t get rid of it uTorrent alternative think about it also all the other features are great and better than many other similar uTorrent alternatives.

    Download zetaTorrent - Torrent App

  45. Torrent Search
  46. it does not work anymore. My old review I want to give uTorrent alternative ten stars but I cannot. Do you have or make it for Linux version? Doesn’t work with s9+ and neglect its uTorrent alternative because this was fully paid by those don’t want to access and it makes them uTorrent alternative.
    Pretty useless, I decided to test it against torrentz2.eu and almost everything I searched for on torrentz2 was the uTorrent alternative found in this app. I’ll stick to web browser torrent search engines. uTorrent alternative is the best app to search for the torrent with your smartphone. With a light and minimal graphics, Torrent Search has the following uTorrent alternative

    Download Torrent Search

  47. Torrent Search & Downloader 2018
  48. Torrent Search & Downloader 2018 uTorrent alternative is the Completely free application that helps users to download torrent files on their phone or tablet in a hassle-free uTorrent alternative. This torrent app has the option to download torrents without browsing for them manually. This Android application helps users to download (torrent) their your phone or tablet as a hassle-free uTorrent alternative.

    This Full features app comes with most of the uTorrent alternative. This is one of the best torrent downloaders with no download speed or downloads size uTorrent alternative. So if you tired of So many ads then you can Try this app

    Download Torrent Search & Downloader 2018

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