Top 10 Best WordPress Strong Password Generator

Top 10 Best WordPress Strong Password Generator

You should use a different password for each program you access. It’s most important to have a strong password for your WP account. If you do have a password such as your birth date, hobby, name or common English words which allows hackers to easily guess your password, you should change it.

In this modern life of technology, everybody has various devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphones, iPad, and tablets. Because nobody wants their personal information stolen. This means people need strong passwords to protect everything they use.

And for sure you will need a strong password so that you would protect your personal information. So, If you are looking for a strong password so that nobody will try to steal your info, you are truly at a right place! because I’m going to tell you about some Best WordPress Password Generator.

Here you will find.

Top 10 best ever WordPress Strong Password Generators.

The list will provide the new website that’s do not know before so I have decided to share something new that will improve the information and also, knowledge.

So Guys! in this list be able to get the WordPress strong password.

Let’s Begin.

  1. Norton Identity Safe Password Generator
  2. Norton made a helpful password generator. There are options for choosing numbers, symbols and letters to be included or excluded. This tool provides you with the ability to bulk generate over 50 passwords with one single click.

    They offers software you can download and can save your passwords for future reference in their special identity safe program. If you wish to be able to access you passwords from anywhere, then this tool is very useful.They claims that Norton password generator is safe and secure.

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    Download Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

  3. Strong Password Generator
  4. Strong Password Generator by it’s very name, you can surely tell this is a strong password generator. In this tool you can choose any type of length password and also any combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, length and symbols. But, you can only generate one password at a time.

    This site contains one extra feature that you can export your password to your smartphone or tablet. They claims it never travels via the internet. This method is safe and secure but it means you can store passwords on your other device for future access.

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  5. LastPass
  6. LastPass is a popular password manager tool that helps you store your passwords in one secure place. They also offer an online strong password generator which you can use to create secure random passwords.

    LastPass is a most popular password manager tool that helps you store your passwords in one secure place just like a bank account/locker. LastPass also provides you to create a secure random passwords and it offers an online strong password generator.

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  7. MSD Services Password Generator
  8. MSD Services Password Generator is great site for creating strong passwords. You will have to decide if you want to include/exclude capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols like: [  * & # % @) ]


    In just one click, you can get as many passwords as you want. There is also a list of generated passwords.

    Remember: Once you have generated the passwords, write them down for future reference.

    Beware: That’s one of the first thing hackers look for it, they can easily get into your computer. So just do not keep a copy on your computer.

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    Download MSD Services Password Generator

  9. SafePassWD
  10. There are lots of website on password generator, but this one is one of the most powerful tool. In this tool you can easily create your password. With this generator, apart from the usual numbers/letters, you can use the HEX option which uses 0-9/A-F. For sure you may want to choose the “easy to remember” option and it will use one/two words and a few numbers in between.

    Finally, once you generate your password, it will tell you how strong the password is. Obviously, the stronger it is, the more secure it will be .

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    Download SafePassWD

  11. Password Ninja
  12. The Password Ninja works wonderfully well. You don’t need to generate password/options to choose from. All you have to do is just click the button and 10 passwords will automatically generated. They all started with a capital letter and end in two digits. This means they’ll most likely meet the criteria for any site that needs a password.

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  13. XKPasswd
  14. XKPasswd is secure and also memorable password generator. This tool is powered by the Perl module. The tool provides you a range of settings to create strong password. It uses entropy as a measure of password strength.

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    Download XKPasswd

  15. LittleLite Password Generator
  16. For each search this is a simple generator that creates a single password. In this tool you can easily include/exclude the usual options of numbers, symbols, and upper or lower case letters. LittleLite password generator also gives you an extra option of inserting spaces.

    You can choose a password with five or more characters, even providing ones with 100+ characters, but which would be impractical.

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  17. Password Bird
  18. Password Bird is an unusual password generator. It generates differently to any others. In Password Bird generator tool you have three fields to enter information. The first one asks for a NAME that’s special to you. The second one asks for a WORD that’s special to you, and the third and final one asks for a DATE that’s also special to you.

    Then click to generate a password, it will be a blend of your three answers. You can click that button as many times as you like and it will provide you with a different password every time.

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  19. Tech Zoom Password Generator
  20. Tech Zoom can help you generate passwords with usual options like upper/lower case letters, numbers/symbols. It can also format your choices like a credit card number. With Tech zoom this can be handy to keep in your wallet/purse. Obviously it has no connection with your actual credit cards so will be meaningless to others.

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