Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Improve Image SEO

Well I saw my in the search engine for the first time I was surprised and happy, exited too, and I also want to learn more about WordPress and it’s plugins. It’s really important to  make your site search engine friendly. Later I thought about the images every time I hover on the similar images that I used in my site, but I was disappointed at that time because my images wasn’t in the search results. Then I came up with this post how to improve image SEO in WordPress or let’s say top 3 WordPress plugins to improve images SEO. For this many people hire professionals to improve their site SEO, most of them use different type of SEO plugins premium as well as free from WordPress, and most of the people don’t even care about their image SEO. Did you know? Google, Yahoo and bing or any other search engine will not be able to recognize, what the image is about they just read they don’t have eyes to see. Search engines read the alt tags and titles tags in the image like (alt=”short introduction about the image”, title=”title of the image”) Here you will find top 3 WordPress plugins to improve image SEO. These 3 plugins will automatically add alt tag and title tag for each image and also add alt tag as well as title tag in the previously used images in posts/pages. Let’s see top 3 WordPress plugins to improve images SEO automatically.

1- SEO Friendly Images:

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress plugin. This plugin will automatically updates all of your images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes to improve traffic from search engine. If your blog doesn’t use ALT and TITLE attributes then it think you must have to take care of it.SEO Friendly Images Plugin

2- WP Image SEO:

WP Image SEO is an another WordPress plugin. It allows you to improve the structure and also easily make them a lot more search engine friendly. I’m a daily user of WordPress and I also know that while uploading images most of us just forget/ignore the alt tag attribute. Well as I said before alt tag attribute describes what your image is about. WP Image SEO provides optimization of your blog images. It automatically files out the missing alt tags of your images. Here are the some features of WP Image SEO plugin.

  • WP Image SEO plugin optimize your WordPress blog images.
  • It automatically changes the alt tags attributes in both (Previously uploaded post/pages and also future images).
  • WP Image SEO improves search engine ranking by using more meaningful alt tags.

3- ALT For Images:

ALT For Images plugin fills the alt attribute (in HTML section) automatically on every upload of a new image into the post, if it is not full. This plugin also adds the alt and title attribute in the previously uploaded images.

I hope these of the above Top WordPress plugins will improve your search engine for images. Have fun 🙂 Enjoy.



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