Top 3 tips to get the most out of your Spotify subscription

Spotify is a music service built on simplicity and convenience. You can start a radio station and it will run as long as you need it, whether it is a few minutes or hours. You can find massive playlists that will keep you on the job all day long, and you will follow playlists that will change and evolve as modern and improved music emerges.

Top 3 tips to get the most out of your Spotify subscription

Getting a Spotify can be easy, but once you get it, you can learn a little bit about how to get the most out of your Spotify subscription. Here’s how to make the most of your Android phone.

Set your audio quality wisely

Spotify offers users a range of audio features looking for potentially explicit audio or audio that sips data rather than gossiping.

Unfortunately, you can’t separate audio quality when streaming to mobile data – it also uses audio quality settings like streaming over Wi-Fi. So before you wrench up your spilling sound quality to “extreme“, consider the amount you plan to utilize Spotify with an information association, for example, in the vehicle or at work.

To set your criteria, go to My Library and tap on the gear icon in the top right corner. Audio settings are in the middle of the menu.

In case you’re searching for the good sound quality without kissing your information caps goodbye, there’s still some good news on the off chance that you can prepare. You can set the audio quality for the downloaded music separately from the streaming audio.

As long as your phone lacks storage space, I recommend setting the downloaded audio quality to Extreme and load it to listen on the go.

Load for offline

Spotify does not allow you to cache songs for offline playback, so all you want to listen to offline is to download it manually. So, if you lose your connection, be able to download at least a few favorite albums and playlists.

You can download collections and playlists, but not radio broadcasts or individual songs. If you like a particular radio station, you can add songs from the station to the playlist for offline playback, but you’ll have to sing one song at a time.

Whatever you download, save anything offline. You don’t want to be stuck in a big, noisy world without your music.

Choose with what is left in the library

Spotify has tens of millions of songs on the radio, and through radio stations, curated playlists, and discoveries, you’ll hear more and more new music, but make sure you save a song to your library. Already like Spotify only allows you to add up to 10,000 songs to your library, and once you cross that threshold you’ll start cleaning up albums and songs that you don’t like as many new songs as you add. Want to do

The simplest rule of thumb here is that if you don’t like every song out there, add individual songs to your library instead of adding whole albums. I’ve already done over 5,000 songs, and I’ll have to start mourning long before that.

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