Hello there people! I hope you all are doing great today. It is another game review day guys and I thought of bringing in front of you a good Arcade game you can play on your smartphone.

I want to introduce you to, the “Tomb of the Mask” game. This is a 2D arcade game in which the character you play as is a little explorer in a maze which is totally full of deadly traps.

The main thing is that the only weapons you got in this game. To save you from these deadly traps in this maze are your quick thinking capability and your skills.

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The controls are very simple and easy. I assume that if you are so much into smartphone gaming then you will surely master. These controls in half an hour of continuous gameplay on this game.

To control your little explorer, you will just have to slide. Your finger in the direction you want to move it, and your character will run towards that direction until an obstacle stops him.

Continue your game with this control. Master it, and have a good time playing this game as I myself really enjoyed it.

You will have two main game modes in this Tomb of the Mask game: Arcade Mode and Level Mode.

ARCADE MODE: You will have to keep TOMB OF THE MASK MOD your little explorer on making his way through the prison. You can say, a maze.

You just have to keep going forward but fast, or else you will drown in the water rising from the bottom of your smartphone screen. Go smarter, as you can inescapably die in a trap and that’s the end of the game.

LEVEL MODE: You will have a smaller, much condensed and little. Harder scenarios TOMB OF THE MASK MOD, but they can finish in just a few seconds only if you master the controls of this game.

Tomb of the Mask Mod Apk

There are several websites that are providing the modified version of Tomb of the Mask, and each modified apk version holds their own secret powers.

In the most of modified apk versions of this game, you get an infinite amount of money. You can do in-game purchases without worrying about your money to come to an end.

Download Here: Click Here to Mod

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