How To Download Task Manager for Mac

Mac has its own built-in Task Manager. People still look for another task manager for their activities and work. Let’s talk about the built-in Task Manager for Mac and the other Task Manager.

Task Manager for Mac

Task Manager for Mac
Task Manager for Mac

Many new Mac users are coming from the Windows world they would access the Task Manager to end tasks and stop errant processes. As I told you above that the Mac has its own Task Manager but it goes by another name “Activity Monitor.”

This task manager namely Activity Monitor function is a very similar way to how Task Manager does in Windows. Letting you easily view, manage, end tasks, applications, and any active processes that are running in Mac OS X.

If you are unfamiliar with Activity Monitor or task management on the Mac in general.

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Don’t worry, because, despite its immense power and control, it is not complicated to use.

Same as the Windows Task Manager. You will get to Activity Manager in Mac by hitting ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ this shortcut.

Want to use task manager for Mac? Download “EasyTask Manager For Mac”.

Easy Task Manager:

easytask for Mac
easy task for Mac

Do you know what is GTD (Getting Things Done)? It is a task management system that is supposed to help you be more productive and handle tasks and projects.

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Easy Task Manager is an application which supports GTD. You start by creating your different projects, then filling these with actions.

You will have to process your actions by putting them into the correct category. Easy Task Manager respects GTD terminology, so you will find the traditional inbox, next actions, next days and someday folders.

Once an action is finished, make sure to mark it as completed. Easy Task also allows you to sync your projects regularly. You will have to enter an important level, start and due date and ensure your tasks are in the correct context.

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