Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

Talking Tom 2 is the perfect simulator game for children. If you want to teach them responsibility, and how to take care of others, then this is the right game.

In this advanced version, you have to take care of a kitten, feed it and watch it grow under your care.

The main elements of the series are present in this case, but there are some added features as well. You can add many different care options, and follow Tom, as it grows.

Talking Tom 2 MOD APK has some great graphics, and children, as well as adults, will enjoy playing this game. There are activities that Tom needs to do in this game so that he can stay happy. For example, he needs to sleep, play, go to the washroom and eat.

At the bottom of Talking Tom 2 MOD APK’s screen, there is a happy face, knife, toilet sign, moon sign, and airplane sign.

Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

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You have to balance tom’s nutritional needs, and can give him different foods like fruits and milk.

There is food available in the refrigerator, but after some time, you have to buy food from the store.

Tom takes showers so that he can stay clean, and you can bathe him easily. If Tom doesn’t use a toilet on a regular basis, then he will feel very uncomfortable.

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The difference between My Talking Tom 2 and Talking Tom 2 MOD APK is the healing feature. Sometimes Tom will become sick, and you have to tap on the medicine cabinet, to select medicines for Tom.

Tom’s ‘Booboo’ can be cured in different ways, and this game allows you to experiment.

There are several games available that Tom likes to play. You will love the way you can look after a kitten and the 3D graphics of this game. Playing Talking Tom 2 is very interesting and fun. It is a laid back, chilled game.

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