Learn How to Make your Typing Powerful with Grammarly

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Are you new on WordPress or any other blogging platform? If it’s yes then you might be thinking about your typing or let’s say writing, if your grammar is weak or you don’t know where to put punctuations etc. Then you might be looking for something new that would save your time, then I gotta … Read more

Download Free Google Hangouts Extension

Google Hangouts Extension Free

Hello there! Did you know that you can connect with all of your friends even without visiting Gmail or G+. I was having a big problem cause I used to talk with my friends everyday, but nowadays I was pretty busy. So that’s why I wish that there should be something like extension or app … Read more

How to Add MacOS frame to Your Screenshots


Creating a post with screenshots is kinda easy to understand method for your visitors. What about creating macOS window frame to your screenshot? Can’t afford/don’t like apple products? like Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad. But, still wanna inspire your viewers with different kind of screenshots. There is an extension named “Standardized Screenshot”. Standardized screenshot is a … Read more

How & Why Use MightyText To Send SMS from PC

It’s time for MightyText. I’ve written about Pushbullet, AirDroid and MySMS. I hope you have experienced all of these, but as we know there is nothing perfect in this world. MightyText is an another way that I know to send SMS from your PC by using your phone number. Isn’t that amazing Yes! Why do … Read more

How to use MySMS Extension and Why?

MySMS app and extension Techstribe

MYSMS is an another way to be connected with your phone from your PC.¬†MYSMS is an extension and app both are available and easy to use with Android tablet/phone, Apple iPad, Windows, Chrome. This is an easiest way to receive and send SMS¬†from computer. Feel free to use MYSMS app or extension. In this post … Read more

What is Pushbullet, How to use and why?


Pushbullet is an extension and app, available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Windows. Pushbullet connects your phone with your PC. Which means whenever you got text messages then your don’t need to pick your cell phone up, unlock the password, read the message, type with your tiny touch-screen keyboard, you just have … Read more