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Make the new video edit by your smartphone so TechsTribe decided a good way of video editor by 18 BEST video EDITING ANDROID APPS IN 2018 first of all, you are able to download and install by yourself, You should edit your photos or video share it your friends or family, and get the goods likes, … Read more

Learn How to Make your Typing Powerful with Grammarly

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Are you new on WordPress or any other blogging platform? If it’s yes then you might be thinking about your typing or let’s say writing, if your grammar is weak or you don’t know where to put punctuations etc. Then you might be looking for something new that would save your time, then I gotta … Read more

Download Free Google Hangouts Extension

Google Hangouts Extension Free

Hello there! Did you know that you can connect with all of your friends even without visiting Gmail or G+. I was having a big problem cause I used to talk with my friends everyday, but nowadays I was pretty busy. So that’s why I wish that there should be something like extension or app … Read more

Download Pokemon GO 0.29.0 For Android (Free)

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is recently released by NIANTIC INC company, which have increased the revenue of the company by 80%. Isn’t that cool? Well, I know that’s really amazing. If you have watched Pokémon cartoons on Cartoon Network channel in your childhood. In Pokémon cartoons, people used to catch a different kind of Pokémon species and with a … Read more

Download APK File of Prisma App For Android

Prisma App for Android

If you want to be your friend’s talk by becoming an artist? then there is nothing so hard. You can also make them fool by using this amazing app for Android. Let me introduce Prisma app to you in this post. Prisma was created by Alexey Moiseenkov, it was officially launched in June 2016, as … Read more

How to SMS Backup & Restore In Android (2016/2017)

SMS Backup Restore Android App

Did you guys ever lost your data or personal SMS, Call logs? If there is a yes, then you’re at a right place to fix this. This comes when you go into rooting or upgrading process. At this moment, you’re gonna need a SMS backup & restore to get your personal SMS stored within your … Read more