Sync Chrome Clipboard Between PC and Phone

Sync Chrome Clipboard Between PC and Phone

In this post, I am willing to share a short tip that can help you in the case of Sync Chrome Clipboard Between PC and Phone. Let’s start.

Sync Chrome Clipboard between PC and Phone

Sync Chrome Clipboard Between PC and Phone

Best App to Sync Clipboard Between PC and Android

Sending text via Pushbullet to other devices or using note apps like Google Keep, Sticky Notes, etc did the job. However, they had a major issue. It was a manual and lengthy process to get a text from PC to Android or vice versa.

One had to open the app, copy the text, open the app on another device, and then paste it from there to be used on that device. Fortunately, many Pushbullet alternatives exist that lets you sync clipboard between Android and PC.

We have some tips for you

Sync Chrome Clipboard Between PC and Phone


It is a simple app that works perfectly. Available only for Windows, the app works with most popular browsers since many apps require Google Chrome. Moreover, the app doesn’t require you to sign in and works on local Wi-Fi networks.

Apart from installing the Android app, you need to install the ClipSync server on your Windows PC. It’s a simple program that gets installed like any other software. Once installed, you will see the ClipSync icon in the taskbar.

In case if that doesn’t happen, the app will ask you to unblock it from your firewall.

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When the icon appears in the taskbar, open the Android app and you should be able to see your PC. However, if the automatic connection doesn’t work, tap on Connect to the server manually.

You will be asked to enter the IP address of your PC. For that, right-click on the ClipSynce icon in the taskbar, and you will be shown the IP address.

If all goes well, the clipboard sync functionality will start working immediately. The good part is that the app is free and lightweight. However, you might be taken back when you see that it was last updated in 2012.

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