Download Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) Mod APK

In this post, you’ll get the Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) Mod APK & unlimited for free by following my tips which will you’ve all of. Nowadays, the developer would like to make it easier but that game is on the paid section that’s why we need a simple kind of help that will have been running on our smartphone to download Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) Mod APK.

Now, we have to download it before knowing about the developer who made it and what he wanna share with us in this game.

The Honeydew Games has made Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) mod APK.

The Honeydew Games has already shared without premium game as he made for free but he has included more features in the premium game so, whensoever we have to get extra and the best features so, Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) mod APK.

Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) mod APK.

Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium)
  • Proceed five dungeons at the same time, Idle Game RPG!!
  • Show characteristic monsters by each dungeon!
  • Find weak points and set up types of equipment and heroes!

Wish I could cross-platform it in case I need to upgrade my


Great Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) mod APK game so far. Several things going on, including running multiple dungeons at once makes it interesting. Sadly I had to uninstall in order to resume my gameplay. There seems to be some duplication glitch going on. I used the duplicated weapon as a combined material, and it removed the graphic of the original weapon from my knight but acted like it was still equipped. It didn’t allow me to click on it, or equip a different weapon. When I tried reloading the game, it just never made it to the home page.


  • Monster Defense!
  • Challenge tower Defense!
  • Sword vs Monster fight! – Monster Hunting, Raid dungeon of Dragon
  • You like to grow party & sword!
  • You can enjoy this game even idle play type!
  • Enjoy collecting more than 200 swords

Download Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium) Mod APK


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